zsh as default shell?

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Hey everyone,

when I tried out Bananian I was a bit surprised, because you use zsh as a default shell.
Did you really think this is a good decision? In my opinion zsh may be a good choice for advanced users. But who are the people who buy a Banana Pi and use Bananian? Probably people who have rarely seen a shell at all.
My uncle bought a Raspberry Pi and after that a Banana Pi. Learning how to use bash and getting used to it was a big deal for him. When he tried out Bananian (and zsh) he was completely overburdened.

Yes, I know you can change it to use bash and I know that it is mentioned in the FAQ. But it's just another barrier when using the Pi.
Advanced users who want to use zsh probably dont have any problems installing it. They know how to change their shell anyway. But for beginners it's just an obstacle in their way.
In my eyes you should reconsider this decision and maybe use bash as the default shell. Maybe you could add a question in the bananian-config if the user wants to change the shell to zsh (but even that it's not neccessary imho).

What do you think about it?

best regards
Personally, I don't see a problem here. Bananian was my first contact with zsh. I only knew bash before, but I didn't encounter any difficulties with zsh.
You're talking about beginners. While I don't think a beginner should or would buy a Banana Pi and install Bananian on it, what is it that a beginner does on a shell? I guess, entering a series of commands. And that would be the same either on zsh or bash. I'd expect more differences when you do more advanced stuff like scripting. But with every script, you can just add the shebang line and make sure you're script runs in bash and work as expected.

Plus, as you mentioned, anyone can easily change the default shell and it's documented on the Bananian website. Sure, if it's integrated into bananian-config it's more convenient and I wouldn't mind it. But I don't really see it as a necessity, because I'd expect anyone who tries Bananian to have some kind of basic linux knowledge.



I also agree.
I only know bash - but in my mind zsh is bash just with a few extra features.
Everything I can do in bash, I can do in zsh.
Plus, if you type a command wrong - it suggests what it may be = better for newbies?


nothing more to add, thanks Timo and mattrix.
Most people would never recognize that it is not the bash.

same happened to me ;) never used zsh .. not sure if I'll like it, I'm used to bash for a long time but I'll give it a half year, already found some nice features ;)

new board, new shell, more to discover. I like that.

I did notice when you add a new user, there default shell is bash.
Maybe an idea for next release to make new user default shell zsh?
Saves a bit of confusion?

Reply 6# mattrix

yes, good idea!

I thinking the Bananian release need a lxde desktop for default is really stupid have a official OS for Banana Pi using zsh for advanced users, really stupid, think first in beginners

Just to clarify things:
Bananian Linux is a minimal Debian image and I will not preinstall any graphical desktop environment. If you need a Banana Pi OS with easy to use, graphical GUI, Bananian might be the wrong choice, sorry.

Regaring zsh:
What is the disadvantage compared to bash? All your commands will work fine.

If you don't like these decisions, choose another distributon or fork Bananian.

Reply 9# Bananian

Maybe I am a bit late, last post sounds like a full stop...
I am far away to be a professional but I don't feel like a newbie...
Yes, it is already described how to change zsh/bash, but as usual people asking the same questions again and again without using google/FAQs/etc.
From my point of view I am not a fan of zsh yet ;) (I am missing pos1 and end key, yes I can configure it - I asked google - but a tool should work out of the box, or?)
But I still fight with zsh, maybe the time will help me to feel comfortable ;)

Maybe would be possible to have it configurable (bananian-config) that most of the people could be happy?

Best regards to Hamburg


PS: HAMBURG, I love that town ;)

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