Adobe flash player alternative?

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I tried the VCLTube for Chrome and the PepperFlash suggestions.  I could not get either to work well.
Is PepperFlash supposed to work with YouTube?
Lubuntu Chrome still used the HTML5 player.
VLCTube just rendered the player non-functional when it was enabled.  There were 8 errors in the developer tools.  It works great on Windows 7.
I tried to access a SATA DVD drive.  It would mount and I could browse the files.  VLC would only display the FBI warning.  It would not play the DVD.  Mplayer wouldn't even do that much.
Any suggestions as to what I may be doing wrong?

I tried android.  It also had significant problems.  Get any of the distros up and running was easy.  Getting any to do any high level media work failed.
The android screen exceeded the size or the display.  This makes it difficult to use since I can't see all the icons.


deenbee replied at Tue Oct 21, 2014 19:25
Gnash work perfect in soundcloud & jamendo in some flash do not work


Does somebody know if this is working on Banana Pi Pro (ARM-Environment, i.e. under OS=Lubuntu) , too?!?
Thanks for any further assistance...!


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