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[HowTo-V4.5] DIY Arcade Kiosk - RetroArch (0.37b5 iMAME4all, SNES) on ArchLinux

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Thats already in framebuffer mode

So in theory, I don't need FBTurbo because it's only for X11?

The version that i am running (will release in a few days, gotta clean stuff up) does not boot into x11 and does not need it to run emulationstation and retroarch. They both run very fast in framebuffer mode. The version that xefil has uploaded starts into x11 and there is both a windowed retroarch and an framebuffer retroarch installed.

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Back with some news. I've managed to get it working without X. The strange thing is, that I have to start X and exit it. Without this procedure I can't even start the test-app with the nice little triangle. I have to say that I have used Bananian instead of Arch. Is there any suggestion you can make about that?
@Felix: That sounds very good. Do you have a hint for me? You managed to get things running without X so I presume that you don't have these kind of probs.

I was able to start all without X as well. I'll maintain the X desktop because, as you've seen on the pictures of my kiosk, I've a touchscreen I use to handle music stream, not only to play.
on a second Arch image without X I'm able to execute the triangle test without issues. Without any log it's difficult to answer you.

bye, Simon

I've figured it out myself ;) the problem was that the system hasn't loaded the modules on startup. I inserted the modules into the /etc/modules file and everything was fine. If someone has the same problem, simply open the /etc/modules via nano or something similar and simply add "mali", "ump", "drm" and "mali_drm". That did the trick for me.
Thanks for your help. Out of of curiosity, you two guys are German, aren't you?

No, I'm from Italy even if I can speak german pretty well. I'm from South-Tyrol, near Austria ;)

Aaaah Tirol...I don't know why, but something told me that you and Felix are German as well as I am

BTW nice to meet you ;)

Nice to meet you, too

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