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[HowTo-V4.5] DIY Arcade Kiosk - RetroArch (0.37b5 iMAME4all, SNES) on ArchLinux

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I've updated this thread with Version 4.5
I still maintain X desktop because, as you can see from the last video, I'm using the kiosk not only to play games, but to play music and use the browser as well. It has a touchscreen monitor.

What's new:
  • updated Arch Linux to last release
  • updated kernel to 3.4.103
  • framebuffer fixes under X11:
  • --- now the emulator, if in framebuffer, will executed automatically on tty2, not more in X11. This helps to prevent flickers issues
  • --- now exiting the emulator, if in framebuffer, the program goes back to X desktop refreshing the view NOTE: the refresh is done via ths script /home/bananapi/screen_reset.sh. Edit the script to fit your screen resolution!!!
  • added emulationstation in framebuffer mode (edit/add themes or manual scraper in /root/.emulationstation)
  • added skin for emulationstation
  • fixed execution of Retroarch in framebuffer and X11
  • removed old instructions from this thread due outdated
  • removed it-keyboard, qjoypad and florence keyboard autostart

    Actually I've only imame4all and pocketnes. Feel free to add new cores and games

    You can download the BananaPi iso from the first post.

    Let me know!

  • Edited by mccarthy at Thu Feb 19, 2015 10:39

    Nice to hear. One little thing though, the address of the Mali-patch isn't reachable anymore: https://raw.githubusercontent.co ... ix-mali-fbdev.patch.

    Of course my iso is already patched. It should be contained into the /home/bananapi/software as well. Or I'll search for it in this (or older) iso and I could send it to you. In case send me your email via PM.


    PM is out ;)

    I've not seen any PM. :-/
    send me an email on xefil at xefil dot com.



    Strange. E-Mail is out...

    Awesome. It has compiled until the end. Many thanks!!!


    Me again. I hope you had a nice weekend. Is there a hint for stopping emulationstation to flicker? It's not a big deal, but a little bit annoying.

    I hadn't such a behaviour on my setup strange I'll check it better this evening

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