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[HowTo-V4.5] DIY Arcade Kiosk - RetroArch (0.37b5 iMAME4all, SNES) on ArchLinux

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It flickers a little bit as soon as you choose the available systems. It maybe has something todo with way of compiling emulationstation. I used a patched SDL2 from a guy who made it for Odroid...

I think I'll try your image and compare the performance. I think that yours runs smoother.

Ok, let me know please :-)

I've tested your image and the performance is more or less the same including the flickering in Emulationstation, but that's, as I said, not a big deal.
Do you have the compile arguments for iMame4all-libretro at hand? I compiled it, but it either ends with an segmentation fault or the game doesn't start at all. It hangs at a screen saying "Factory Settings Restored". Am I missing something or do I have to push a button, "START" or something?

I've compiled it using yaourt. Try with that. It "could" be possible there is a newer version which gives an error. Hard to say.


Hey there. I have now set up a fresh Arch Linux install and compiled it. The only thing is, that I can't get any sound out of the PI through RetroArch. I would like to use the Audio out and not HDMI. configuring the asound.conf doesn't help at all. Any suggestions?

Nevermind it was an game issue. The game seems to work without sound only...

Oh no, the tutorial for EmulationStation disappeared. Which version of SDL2 did you use? If I install EmulationStation via yourt -S emulationstation-git it throws an "Error initializing SDL!". I thought that the problem was solved by the Arch community. I needed a patched SDL for Debian.

Oh, It's because I've installed a custom SDL2 version which supports SDL2 on mali-fbdev. I've not prepared the SDL tutorial. You could take the SDL2 library from my image or compile it from here (not already tested): https://github.com/mihailescu2m/libsdl2-2.0.2-dfsg1

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I have a problem with your image. After selecting game  I can't them control. It looks as if the intercept all console and the game itself, I can not already control. I tried both the keyboard and joystick.

First calibration work and I can control menu in ES

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