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New Wiki section added at

for [size=1em]Android_for_bananapi_4.4_beta1 (external website product)

[size=1em]Please contribute if you can to the first section regarding [size=1em]Android_For_Banana_Pi_v2.0 (LeMaker product)
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Thx roses!
I have a couple questions:
- According to dlanor is not possible to root Android 4.4:
Is that correct?
- According to release notes, you need 2 microusb connectors to boot this Android.
Is that right?
- Also they say WIFI is not working as well, can you confirm that?
Thank you!!

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Reply  roses2at

Thx roses!
I have a couple questions:

actkk2000 Posted at 2-10-2014 01:48 PM

Please read the Wiki text more carefully and also the accompanying thread

for detailed answers to your questions, but here goes anyway:

1) Rooting. I tend to agree with dlanor in his post that you quoted regarding his findings on SuperSU and ES3 File Explorer but I am not as tech-savvy as he is and am struggling to get to grips with it about those 'secret files'. In my install I can see all the files and folders in the root directory "/" , such as build.prop, and even open them, but I don't have the courage to edit them and save those edits cos I don't know what I am doing and I don't want to break my 4.4. FWIW, the only conclusion I can come to is that it appears to be 'half-rooted' or 'fake rooted', whatever that means. Or maybe we're all missing one extra step that we need to do to make it fully rooted.

2) Two PSUs - again, undecided. I only needed one (2 Amp) and ChrisP also said only one. But the ReadMe says two. 'Suck it and see' as we say in English. If one don't work, try two. Swap them around. Buy a 3 Amp one if you can get one.

3) WiFi - it says it quite clearly in ReadMe and also on that external website there is only wired internet, so I'm not even going to try to make WiFi work. (I would have no clue where to start anyway....)

On point two, when you read the last comment of the thread stated by actkk2000 #2, you can assume that one 2A PSU is enough, and guess/bet than 2 PSU recommandation is based on 2 * 1A PSU. (Not to be rude, but sinovoip english is allmost worse than mine).

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Yes, I would say that one PS of 2 Amps going into only the DC In socket, or alternatively 2 x 1 Amp PSUs going into both the DC In and OTG sockets, would be enough.

Unfortunately, I don't have such a current/voltage measuring device that you can plug your PSU into and which will tell you how many milliamps the Pi is taking at various stages of its bootup and other operations. Would be interesting if someone could post such data.

There are many You Tube videos however showing exactly this e.g. ExplainingComputers-dot-com.

Thanks to all!
Will have to take courage and try this one, someday...

The 4.4 image indeed looks half rooted. su is present but the apps are not happy with it.

Using adb and the files from SuperSU recovery flashable zip it is possible to get it all working but it requires a lot of manual try and err. For example SuperSu expects a working sysinit and init.d which are not there (see for inspiration), it expects /tmp which is not there, 4.4 has extra security which prevents SuperSu's update-binary script to fix all permissions (maybe SELinux Mode Changer app can also help) and some other things I forgot.

But even when you get it working the 4.2 image is better I think since it has special banana pi config menu's and all root requiring apps will probably work since there is no sandboxing using SELinux.

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Reply 7# wdehoog

I didn't use adb, but I have manually download the Zip file "UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.02" on my PC, then manually copied it into the Downloads folder of the 4.4 installation via my SD card reader.

Do I also need to unzip it or does the program only need the Zip file directly?

Please give detailed instructions on how you prevented SuperSU from automatically updating and then how to do the manual update.
Is there any kind of alternative app? The older Superuser from ChainsDD perhaps? (Is he the same guy as Chainfire?)

Sorry detailed instructions is too much work especially since it does not help 'us' any further. The 4.2 image is better.

I use adb since it gives you a shell with enough permissions (maybe a terminal app and the /system/bin/su is enough I do not know).

I copied the unzipped files into /data/local/tmp/supersu copied it's META-INF/com/google/android/update-binary script and edited it to skip unzipping, use /data/local/tmp, call setenforce 0 before it does all the chcon's and maybe some other stuff.

Still before you can execute your modified script which installs SuperSu you need to get sysinit and init.d up and running.

It is doable but it is a mess.

OK, fair enough, my Linux experience and computing skills would not be able to manage if it is so very complicated.

And there is no other alternative app to perform the same job??

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