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Why are there so many apps that say "your device is not rooted" how do we fix this?
This depends on which Android image you are using for your BPi.

The Android 4.2 images available for BPi are rooted, but proper root control requires a root access manager. Some of the images prepared by forum member mattrix have the 'SuperSU' app added for this purpose, but it needs to be configured to work properly and that may need to be redone after updates. And if you didn't use his images then you'll have to install 'SuperSU' or some other such program yourself.

All Android 4.4 images seen so far (as released on another site) are NOT rooted. Installing SuperSU on these images will not help, as it can't access the root areas. If you are using one of these images and need root access, I know of no other way than to start over with an Android 4.2 image.

Best regards: dlanor

Just tried mattrix's img. Works great!


If you can not get your authority and have to root your Android. Android Recovery is a good choice to you.
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MckenzieVidal replied at Wed Nov 19, 2014 02:28
If you can not get your authority and have to root your Android. Android Recovery is a good choice t ...

I think you may have misunderstood the context of this forum.

Here we do not deal with any Android phones or tablets, but only with the BananaPi miniature computer, and its Android OS images.
The Android 4.2 images released for the BananaPi on this site are all rooted from scratch.

It's only the Android 4.4 images released for the BananaPi on another site which are not rooted.
And it's very doubtful if the rooting methods used for phones can apply to these images on the BPi.
(But it would still be interesting to try it and see what happens... ;) )

Best regards: dlanor

y for

Hi i found that you kan easely root the image With Mottochopper and the Gneric ADB Drivers
just power the device over the OTG port connected to a computer
it worked for me  

sory my bad english

yeah, thankx seedelman. This method is a nobrainer. Worked perfect !

It is limited for apps to access the internal memory of Android. So most of time, you need root your device to manage your mobile files more effectively.

Get steps for How to Root Android for rooting and create free space for usable application instead of inbuilt apps of company.       

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