bananian-1409 not boot at all

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To me, this issue has nothing to do with the PSU and I have some serious doubt that you are going to fix it by disabling the OTG.

This because I have started to flash the 14.11 and it wasn't booting. I read that 14.08 was ok... I had some doubt but then I tried 14.08 and it wasn't better wich was logical to me.

Then with the same power adapter, and even with USB power (with keyboard and mouse disconected) I made 14.11 working...

So this issue has nothing to do with an electrical problem and reports were probably false/uncomplete.

@gibs: Would you please provide us with the output of the AXP209's current/voltage readings?
  1. awk '{printf ("%0.1f",$1/1000); }' </sys/devices/platform/sunxi-i2c.0/i2c-0/0-0034/axp20-supplyer.28/power_supply/ac/current_now
  2. awk '{printf ("%0.2f",$1/1000000); }' </sys/devices/platform/sunxi-i2c.0/i2c-0/0-0034/axp20-supplyer.28/power_supply/ac/voltage_now
  3. awk '{printf ("%0.1f",$1/1000); }' </sys/devices/platform/sunxi-i2c.0/i2c-0/0-0034/axp20-supplyer.28/power_supply/usb/current_now
  4. awk '{printf ("%0.2f",$1/1000000); }' </sys/devices/platform/sunxi-i2c.0/i2c-0/0-0034/axp20-supplyer.28/power_supply/usb/voltage_now
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