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What is the likelihood of getting the RPi.GPIO library working on the Banana Pi? And when? I have a lot of existing code I'd like to re-use if possible or work with existing software like WebIOPi
Lemaker has finished porting the RPi.GPIO to the Banana Pi. We are now doing some test. After our test, you can use it as you used on Raspberry Pi. You do not need change anything of your code.


Sorry, one more follow up question. When RPi.GPIO is finally ported, how easy will it be to get this? Will I have to burn a new SD card image?

Reply 4# telarium

At the Raspbian v3.0, I will pre-install it.

Tony, will you preinstall the new Bpi wiringpi too please ?


Adrian ... vk4tux

Reply 6# vk4tux

  If I can finish porting it in late June, I will preinstall it.

Thankyou Tony

When would you like to release a raspbian v3.0?

Reply 9# wojtekadams

Just a few days later. I have port it complete.

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