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Really? I didn't test it. I will try!

how do you view android image so you can expand partitions

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Sorry, I did't try to resize SD card for Android.

How can you resize android for any size storage sad sata

Tested today and it works like a charm. Its not rooted though and this does somewhat limit it a bit. there has been a rooted version with mplayer released tho by Mattrix

Can i change this Language in german ?

Can i change this Language in german ?
Storm Posted at 2014-10-11 03:50

That depends on what you mean by "this language":

The language of the forum is switchable only between English and Chinese.
And switching that language apparently also switches the content (not just translation).

The language of an installed Android system is switchable to German, through normal Android menus.

Best regards: dlanor

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