HW ethernet adress - HUGE problem !!!!

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hw adress

hw adress

I think I double subject, but I cant find it back post I have read some time ago...
I discover issue, every time I reboot banana pi, I get random/new mac adress for ethernet adapter...
This system behavior disqualifies a solution of half of the projects in which I want to use a banana!
In attached file you can see two sessions, to the same computer. Second session is made 2 minutes after computer reboot...
Reply 1# Janowski_Pawel Hi,
  A quick hack method add one line "hwaddress ether 72:60:6a:1f:9f:93" then it looks like:
auto eth0
iface eth0 inet dhcp
hwaddress ether 72:60:6a:1f:9f:93

voiceshen provide a simple method to solve this problem. The issue would be solved by another method in the next generation.

I understand it and I know I can manually assign MAC address of the card, but remember that in accordance with RFC 3121 and RFC 3315 MAC address is unique in the world, given by the manufacturer of the card during production ...
When planning the correction of this error?

I will make it static in the next version image.

the thing is that the network card should have his actual hardware address and presented to the network as a unique address for services such as DHCP.
If you are planning to put in a static MAC address in the system image, it is probably worse than the current situation. I have 3 such device, a every time when I run the new machine I will have  a conflict IP, DHCP server will  assig aderss based on hardware addres ...

Reply  Janowski_Pawel Hi,
  A quick hack method add one line "hwaddress ether 72:60:6a:1f:9f:93" the ...
voiceshen Posted at 2014-6-4 09:20

Hi, thanks for the solution, but what is the file name and path to the file to edit?

Reply 7# daristan

HI, I got my Banana Pi 2 days ago. When I first read this post, I was thinking "what a bunch of armatures". However after digging into this, it seems what everything is done correctly now:

The MAC-address is set by the factory in UBOOT as "ethaddr=02:d0:05:40:da:5b" (hopefully different for every device). The new installations from 2014-07-02 uses that information to set the MAC-address. So everything should be fine now.

However I could not check if the MAC-address was uniq, and I see that the MAC-address is in the range of locally administered addresses.... What a bunch of armatures...

Well, my MAC is also in the locally administered range, but it's different from yours. How is it solved on raspberry-pis? Are those MACs "world-unique"? Is it just a matter of costs?

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