Wishlist for the B-Pi version 2

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Everyone has it's own ideas about the ideal hardware.
tony_zhang Posted at 4-10-2014 01:51 PM

Thanks Tony, you shine light where there is darkness.
And so by asking everyone here in the forum for their ideas on what the ideal hardware could/should be, perhaps we can then reach agreement and a consensus of opinion on it, and trust that LeMaker will take these things on board during the planning and development stages of a possible Version 2. (Is there any official company confirmation about whether this might be in the pipeline??)

As long as we remember one thing: you cannot please ALL of the people ALL of the time!!!

In my opinion, I think a onboard wifi may be a good choice.
tony_zhang Posted at 4-10-2014 01:51 PM

That's an excellent idea and because of my technical failings and inabilities in these areas, I did not even realise that was possible. So if this feature does become a reality, no more worrying about whether you've got the right WiFi dongle or not, cos wireless internet will work out of the box.

I have considered to open OTG by default.
tony_zhang Posted at 4-10-2014 01:51 PM

That is good news. Then for those computer savvy guys who want to disable it to save some CPU overhead, they can do so easily and quickly.
For me, you have no idea how much time and blood, sweat and tears I used up trying to get OTG working when I first got my Pi.........in almost EVERY distro!!
Until some kind person posted a Zip file with the correct script.bin. And even then, there were no clear instructions how to apply that patch. I thought you had to do it within the Pi while it was running, and then got into a tangle with not being to overwrite system files (and not having enough Linux knowledge on how to take ownership of a file or folder).
Then I discovered it's just a case of overwriting that file in the root partition (with ExtFS in Windows) on the SD card while it's still attached to the card reader!!!

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And now with those last 2 paragraphs I'm also getting off-topic - my sincere apologies. I cannot even heed my own advice. My bad.

So back on track, this Wikipedia page may help some of you with your thoughts:


(only available in English, although many of the SBCs that already have their own individual page - and therefore a clickable link - do sometimes have French, German, Portuguese, etc. versions.)

I think we must think ourselves very fortunate that Lemaker provide such excellent and on going support for the Banana Pi, and I personally think there is still a lot more 'development' work to be done on the present offering before we start talking about an updated model.

You only have to look at the company who produces the Cubie range of boards, who seem more interested in announcing as yet unavailable 'future' models instead of supporting their existing loyal user base.

I think this is one of the reasons why the Raspberry Pi has been so successful... yes we do now have a model B+, but they have not been in too much of a hurry to launch the next 'latest and greatest' update.

Just a few of my personal thoughts and opinions anyway!

still a lot more 'development' work to be done
Montala Posted at 4-10-2014 03:38 PM

By starting this thread, I had absolutely no intention of preventing or holding back or criticising any of the current and ongoing development work. I wholeheartedly agree that we are indeed very fortunate with LeMaker.

I therefore think your post is one of the most interesting and illuminating we've had so far. I am very grateful that you've raised these points and given us your opinions.

Perhaps you might think it worthwhile if you (or someone else) started a new thread in 'General Discussion' along exactly those lines, e.g.:

1) In what specific areas do we the end users feel that further development for the current Banana Pi is required?

2) Are we of the collective opinion that LeMaker is going in more or less the right direction for its customers?

3) Other points in a similar vein......................

Thank you Montala.

er i think the banana pi is powerful enough for me, I cant do half the electronics and smart things this was made for now.

USB OTG enabling files in the download area. On the double!

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Reply 26# orcaorcadia

USB OTG enabling files in the download area. On the double!

This request is not really suitable for this thread as it is off-topic..........but I'm going to answer it anyway.

As I'm not a moderator, I don't have access to the Downloads area to upload files to.

The file you need is already in the forum, hidden deep in one of the threads, if you had tried to search.

But to make it easier 4 U, I am attaching it to this post.

Needs to be unzipped, and the script.bin file must be copied to the root partition (overwrite the old version, back it up first by renaming to script_old.bin first if you like) after burning your image and while the SD card is still attached to the reader. In Linux, this is straightforward to do. In Windows, you need a free program (Email registration needed) called Paragon ExtFS to be able to read the ext4 formatted disk.

It should work on all the Linux distros that LeMaker offer, but don't quote me on that or shoot me down in flames if it doesn't.

script for otg activation.rar (7.43 KB, Downloads: 9)

im not sure how we can improve the banana pi beyond where it is now. its price is good and its features are great without going into giving it a more powerful CPU and GPU. i did see a video though where someone moaned about a raspberry pi umbrella board or something, that did not fit onto the Banana pi. Perhaps a banana pi book with some projects to do with the addon boards would be cool. I know theres alot of talk of the hummingboard being a heavier hitter but its not as affordable as the B-pi.

Frankly speaking, I'm quite happy with the current bPI, and the only "drawback" is the price here in Europe, and the lack of dedicated cables.
As example, I own mine for AliExpress and got a full config (SD, power-supply) for 50E shipping included. Same config here, about 70E and most of the time, no way to got Con3, J11 or J12 cables

About the hardware :
- as said, the current hardware suite my needs. Obviously, better CPU power and larger memory would be fine, but have to be balanced w/ the price.
- In next release, I would appreciate having on board Flash, to avoid the need of an SD.
- 1 wire is a must for home automation, having DS2482 on-board and a dedicated connector for this bus would be a welcome.
- having a connector to expose LED : if you put a daughter board on the 26 connector ... LEDs become totally useless.
- Idem for the IR
- why there is no ground pin on J11 ????

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........I'm quite happy with the current bPI,
destroyedlolo Posted at 5-10-2014 10:38 AM

Even though I was the one to start this thread, I actually have to be honest and say I agree with destroyedlolo and concur that I personally am extremely satisfied with my B-Pi as it is, as there are so many functions and possibilities for it that (at the moment) I do not see myself using them all for a long while in the future, perhaps ever.

My reason for posing the question in the first place is to hopefully give LeMaker (clearly a very forward-thinking and dynamic company) a chance to think about consolidating their place in the market, especially considering the Foundation's decision not to improve on hardware of the B-plus for a long while. Maybe a BPT (Bee-Pi-Two) would be such a way forward. However, not being an executive at LeMaker, or even one of their employees, I have no idea of their current sales figures or sales projections, what their short-, medium- and long-term corporate objectives are, or even if they aim to approach or surpass the R-Pi's 3 million milestone. Perhaps their strategy lies in a different direction.

And as someone else pointed out, forever promising new products like Cubie, but never delivering on those promises, coupled with Cubie's (allegedly) poor support and weak community, can have a counterproductive effect.

I also am in Europe, but I got my Pi via Amazon from China for 50€ incl. delivery which I think is excellent. OK, I then had to buy a 2 Amp PSU (2€ + 3€ shipping), a case (7€ + 2€ postage) and some 8GB Class 10 SD cards (locally for 5€ each). All the other things I already had. At some point I might get an SSD (about 40€ for 64 GB, cables for data/power to the Pi for about 5€).

Obviously, better CPU power and larger memory would be fine, but have to be balanced w/ the price.
destroyedlolo Posted at 5-10-2014 10:38 AM

A case in point here is that the new B-plus actually came onto the market at the same price as the B had been, and the latter then dropped in price. The more people want a product, the greater the sales volume and therefore the price per item goes down.

Depending on what features are eventually included (if it ever does come to fruition of course), one could envisage that the price for a BPT would only be a few more dollars/pounds/Euros than we are paying now.

As to the question of why the pricing structure across the continents is different, that is something I cannot comment on. Did you not have to pay customs duty/import tax on your purchase from AliExpress?

What J11/J12 cables are you looking for? Do you mean the PL2303 USB to TTL adaptor cable? I got mine for 2€ plus 3€ shipping - still waiting for it to arrive though).

Not quite sure what kind of CON3 cables you want? A breakout box? A breadboard? I'm sure these are also fairly inexpensive.
Please start a new thread to respond about cables so that we don't get too far off-topic.

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