Bananian - XBMC compiler error - WORKS

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Hi guys,

what i've done so far:
  1. vi /etc/udev/rules.d/50-mali.rule
  2. #with the following content:
  3. KERNEL=="mali", MODE="0660", GROUP="video"
  4. KERNEL=="ump", MODE="0660", GROUP="video"
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next, i installed libUMP, because make said, libUMP not found:

  1. root@bananapi ~/xbmchacking/xbmca10/tools/a10/depends (git)-[stage/Frodo] # make                                                                                 
  2. if [ ! -e /opt/a10hacking/xbmctmp/tarballs ]; then mkdir -p /opt/a10hacking/xbmc                                                                                 tmp/tarballs; fi
  3. (cd opengles; make all)
  4. make[1]: Entering directory `/root/xbmchacking/xbmca10/tools/a10/depends/opengle                                                                                 s'
  5. (       cd sunxi-mali &&\
  6.                 make config VERSION=r3p0 ABI=armhf EGL_TYPE=framebuffer &&\
  7.                 echo "prefix = /allwinner/xbmc-pvr-binhf/" >> Makefile.setup &&\
  8.                 rm -rf /allwinner/xbmc-pvr-binhf &&\
  9.                 mkdir -p /allwinner/xbmc-pvr-binhf/lib &&\
  10.                 mkdir -p /allwinner/xbmc-pvr-binhf/include &&\
  11.                 make && make install \
  12.         )
  13. make[2]: Entering directory `/root/xbmchacking/xbmca10/tools/a10/depends/opengle                                                                                 s/sunxi-mali'
  14. rm -f config.mk
  15. make config.mk
  16. make[3]: Entering directory `/root/xbmchacking/xbmca10/tools/a10/depends/opengle                                                                                 s/sunxi-mali'
  17. make -f Makefile.config
  18. ABI="armhf" (Provided)
  19. VERSION="r3p0" (Provided)
  20. EGL_TYPE="framebuffer" (Provided)
  21. make[4]: Entering directory `/root/xbmchacking/xbmca10/tools/a10/depends/opengle                                                                                 s/sunxi-mali'
  22. Makefile.config:96: *** Missing library dependencies: libUMP.so.3.  Stop.
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I followd the guide on http://linux-sunxi.org/XBMC#Prerequisites_for_native_compile
  1. apt-get build-dep xbmc
  2. apt-get install swig default-jre libgtk2.0-bin libssh-4 libssh-dev

  3. echo -e "\nA10HWR=1" >> /etc/environment

  4. mkdir xbmchacking
  5. cd xbmchacking

  6. git clone http://github.com/rellla/xbmca10.git
  7. cd xbmca10
  8. # git checkout stage/Frodo //not necessary, it's allready FRODO!

  9. cd tools/a10/depends
  10. make
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END! The error above appears.
Any suggestions?
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Try to compile libump for yourself before making the depends:

Sorry, the forum software messes up the code, see my blog.

Hope that helps.

Thanks ryad!
Will try that, but one question: Have you allready compiled the latest mali gpu driver r4p2?
Sources from github -> git clone https://github.com/linux-sunxi/sunxi-mali.git
are r3p2, quite old.

Hi Tonband, as far as I understand the README of the repository, currently there are following versions: 'r2p4', 'r3p0', 'r3p1', and 'r3p2-01rel1'. Also when I try to compile with "r4p2" I get the error

VERSION="r4p2" (Provided)
Makefile.config:57: Unknown/unhandled Mali Version "r4p2"
Makefile.config:58: Use VERSION=(r2p4,r3p0,r3p1,r3p2-01rel1) instead
Makefile.config:59: *** Unknown/unhandled Mali Version "r4p2".  Stop.

So are you sure, that the r3p0 or r3p1 does not fit your requirements?


i don't know, how much changed between 3.2 and 4.2. At least, they raised version from 3 to 4. Maybe 4.2 supports new features.
If i have the time today, i will give version 4.2 a second try. Last try was unsuccesfull, because i had no kernel-headers on the bananaPi. This time i have.

Sorry, I mean, you said, there is a version "r4p2" but I don't see anything like that in the repository https://github.com/linux-sunxi/sunxi-mali . The only thing, I see is "r2p4" which is an older release

Addition: As of http://linux-sunxi.org/Optimizin ... recent_Mali_drivers the most recent version is r3p2 which supports the second pixel processor but seems to require kernel patches. This is quite interesting. I'm going to try that one (hopefully) later this day..

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Addition: As of  the most recent version is r3p2 which supports the second pixel processor but seems ...
ryad Posted at 2014-10-5 07:33

It's already working ;)See here

Wow nice! Thank you.

Sorry, not r4p2 but r4p1 is here:
http://malideveloper.arm.com/dev ... nel-device-drivers/

see: Linux Kernel Device Driver r4p1-01rel0
will try to compile it once again (tried it allready, see: http://forum.lemaker.org/4312-1- ... ali_gpu_driver.html)

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