Bananian - XBMC compiler error - WORKS

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Ouh, okay...wait, that will took some time i think.

Edited by Tonband at Sun Nov 9, 2014 05:59

Here we go:
https://mega.co.nz/#!XNA3jDxZ!qy ... Wv6ftRXAwKqnFK67E7w

Username: root
Password: bananapi or banana, don't remember^^

Thanks Tomband i will test it tomorrow

Any News, Fagmartinez? Is it working?

Hellow Tonband, I could not test it, when I try to save it with " win32 disk imager " gives me the error : not enough space on disk . I 'm trying to install on a 8GB card , will be for that?

Yes, it's for an 8gb card. 4gb is not enough!

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Nice work Tonband ....
first i thougt it was a bananian build but its lubuntu ok .....
but how to start xbmc ? silly question but dont know^^
  1. mediabutler@lemaker:~/Install/xbmchacking/xbmca10$ start xbmc
  2. start: Unknown job: xbmc
  3. mediabutler@lemaker:~/Install/xbmchacking/xbmca10$ xbmc start
  4. Die Anwendung »xbmc« ist momentan nicht installiert. Sie können sie durch folgende Eingabe installieren:
  5. sudo apt-get install xbmc
  6. mediabutler@lemaker:~/Install/xbmchacking/xbmca10$ xbmca10 start
  7. xbmca10: Befehl nicht gefunden.
  8. mediabutler@lemaker:~/Install/xbmchacking/xbmca10$ cd
  9. mediabutler@lemaker:~$ xbmc
  10. Die Anwendung »xbmc« ist momentan nicht installiert. Sie können sie durch folgende Eingabe installieren:
  11. sudo apt-get install xbmc
  12. mediabutler@lemaker:~$
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try /allwinner/xbmc-pvr-binhf/bin/xbmc

I also compiled XBMC for bananian with the same tutorial used here. My problem is, that the playback stays black most of the times and no hardware acceleration! I tried to enter the accelerated mplayer as an external player, but I dont know if it worked. Still less than 15 fps...

OK, my bad. I forgot to add the correct options in ~/.mplayer/config. XBMC is now hardware accelerated, but playback is still black sometimes. Sometimes good performance, sometimes bad.

tried to build kodi with bananian but have some problems with new mali driver.
will test it again later .....
I belive it will only work with installed gui befor start compiling kodi and mali driver.
may i m wrong but my problem was cant add the new mali driver to xorg config.....

We will see.....

A Bananian with working Kodi would be the best solution for that shit^^

have a nice day

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