Android 4.2 For BananaPi------SD Card Setup

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Thank you very much for Tomy to release the Android 4.2 image, we can download the image from:

I tested the image in the first time, and provide the following burn tutorial for you.

Because the Android image can not use the dd command under the Linux nor the Win32Diskimager uinder Windows, we need to use PhoenixCard to make the SD card.
(Note : If the laptop card slot can not burn the SD card, you can use the SD card reader. )

1.Download the PhoenixCard. ... 2s/edit?usp=sharing

2.Format the SD card to Normal

Successfully to format the SD card to normal, click the button.

3.Burn Android image to the SD card.

Wait patiently to successfully complete writing.It will take a few minutes.

4.Now you can insert SD card into the Banana Pi, plug in the mouse, display and power supply, to experience the Android system on Banana Pi.
Android system startup interface:
(The first time start the system will take a long time, please be patient. )




This is a good instruction for me, and I will have a try.

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is there in English version? I am from USA. I can't read other language.

I am wondering how to modify the standard android to the banana pi?

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Android is multilingual... this build just does not default to English.

To view English click on the "Cog" icon on the main screen. This opens settings.

In Settings scroll down and look for the "A" icon. This opens languages.

In Language, click the first entry. Now you can choose English.



What size sd card do I need? Is 4 gb enough?

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   You may need 8GB card.

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I would get a class 10 8GB SD card. The Android img I have is 7.7GB in size.
Anyway a class 10 cards are not very expensive and will give you better performance and room to add programs.

To change languages go the setting panel look for a small A icon in the list. Click that then Click the first menu setting and choose your native language. Hope that helps. Changed mine to english and never looked back.
Typing from the Banana Pi now.

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