Android 4.2 For BananaPi------SD Card Setup

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        It is great. But why not add the Android instructions for the SD card setup to "Quick Start Guide", as the different setup instructions with CB and BP?

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I just want to tell that i had a problem when i usend phoenixcard from my partition C (which is a ssd). the burn process always endet with an error. after i copied phoenixcard on anorther partition which were is a hdd it worked fine.

the problem was not my administrator priviliges ;)

also another problem
i can lubuntu v2 and android v2 only use on my tv.
after the update from lubuntu v2 to v3 i can also use my monitor.
maybe you could do the same update with android v2?

I have follow your instruction and found old links so i can get Android to work and both OS images of android v1 and v2 will not burn on card using PhoenixCard 3.1.0 and PhoenixCard v3.0.9 and all it does is delete the card so nothing is on card and i have to reformat the card(i am using windows 8). I would like to know why this happens and what i have done wrong. Also why is it we have to use Phoenix Card and not win32 as this is just an OS image.

yesterday I try to install android on my banana pi:
I do anything written but my banana pi do not boot.
red led is on.  the monitor shows
fD: 0.0 Mhz
fH: 45kHz
fV: 60 Hz

any resolution?

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Did you follow the method of using Phoenix card?

What to do if Phoenix Card can't burn the image?

When clicking "format to normal" I get format failed (almost immediately), if I click burn image I get formatting... (15 seconds delay) failed, burn failed, with some error code 1251. Tried 3 diff cards, 3 diff adapters, 2 diff computers (windows 7 32 and 64 bit)

Why does it need phoenix card? Can't you just release sd card image, like for all other systems?

Or maybe someone who has working sd card with android could make one and share?


I have a 8GB SD Card Class 4.

PhoenixCard do not work today I don't know what is the problem I Choise a img file y see an "Script error" Have 4 img filess lubuntu, opensuse, android & raspbian but dont work phoenixcard. I have two versions of phoenixcard.

Help me yesterday phoenixcard work it ok today no

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Check your monitor if work with Full HD 1080p

I have the same problem with my 720p TV dont work.

Lubuntu work on 720p

AV conection for me dont work anything. Just HDMI

how do i expand partitions on sd card please

how do i expand partitions on sd card please
sajjad Posted at 2014-7-17 03:01

For the Android system you should not need to modify any partitions.
But you will need to make a small configuration patch in order to use the entire card space.

The PhoenixCard program should automatically split your SD card up into suitable partitions, one of which will be used for simulated "Internal Flash" of the system. (This Android firmware was 'lifted' from an Android tablet, using internal flash memory plus an external SD card.)

Another partition of the card will always remain used for the initial boot of the Banana Pi (the boot that comes before Android).

A large partition of the card (12.62GB of my 16GB card) is intended for use as the normal "/sdcard" area, but is incorrectly mounted in the current release image. I found a way to modify a configuration file so as to mount this partition correctly to "/mnt/sdcard" (also linked as "/sdcard"), and this modification is quite simple to make after installing the official release image.

Another user called "mattrix" has released an alternate Android image, which you can install instead of the official release.

If you already have installed and configured apps in your Banana Pi, then it may be best for you to make the patch like I did it, but if you haven't installed apps or changed configs yet, then it may be better for you to reinstall mattrix's alternate image instead.

You reach the post about my patch through this link.
You reach the post with mattrix's alternate image through this link.

Best regards: dlanor

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