Android 4.2 For BananaPi------SD Card Setup

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Ok now I have another problem.

After I burn the image and its completed with no errors. I check the sd card and there is nothing on it. Has anyone experienced this before ?

If your trying to read on Windows, then expect not much to show.
The SD card gets partitioned to mainly Linux partions which won't show in Windows

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   even though the sd card will show the same free space as it had after formatting ?
Thanks for your reply

I know with other OS's. Usually there is a very small FAT partion that will show in Windows with some files on it (kernel etc)

In my experience the Android-formatted SD card is not readable as standard partitions.
A Windows system (and possibly Linux too) just can't make sense of the contents.
So attempting to check the card for content on the system that flashed it is pointless.

The only Windows softwares I know of which can handle the card contents are the "PhoenixCard" program that writes the card, and the "Win32 Disk Imager" which can backup and later restore the contents of such an Android card. There may be others, but none that I know of.

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i got it working Mattrix but the rooted part of the image is not working. tried to install a poweroff app and it said the device was not rooted. i tried the official lemaker version of android 4.2 today but didnt test to see if that was rooted. resizing the partitions is mandatory as well otherwise you end up with 1gb of app space

What I noticed is, that the root app which is preinstalled needs an update. I haven't tried using a root app without updating it, might be that.

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If the root requests are not working then you may need to explicitly open the SuperSU app to configure it. The most crucial part of that configuration is its 'hooking' into a system vector, and that may need to be repeated after an update of the SuperSU app.

(I'm assuming that the 'root app' you're talking about here is SuperSU, but the same may apply to others as well.)

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As I stated in the other thread, check this tool:
It's free for personnal usage, you just have to provide a valid email to get a serial number.

It's able to understand the very strange partition definition of the sd card and to mount these partition on Windows, providing read and write access to the filesystems.

Yes, you need to run SuperSu once to install the binary thingy

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