Android 4.2 For BananaPi------SD Card Setup

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First off: everything ChrisP said is good advice, so I'm just adding some info, not arguing against any of his.

When you say that you get the message "no SD card", this leads me to think that you're using the old dysfunctional Android 4.2 image, which did indeed fail to mount any useful partition to the "/sdcard" spaceholder link. A normal Android system uses two different storage areas, one being an internal flash area (defaults to 1 GB in the original image),  and the other being intended for an external SD card but in some designs also internal. The first area is normally linked as "/data" in the file system, while the second one should be mounted as "/mnt/sdcard" and linked to "/sdcard", for automatic recognition and use by most Android software. But like I said above, the original Android 4.2 image had an error in how that mounting was done, leaving the majority of a large SD card unused. And for this situation installation of any app which requires storage in the "/sdcard" area could fail, since that area wasn't working right.

I and other forum members have fixed that mounting problem, including the fix in later images released here, such as the one this thread is dedicated to. So with this mounting any space that was not consumed by the fixed-size partitions of the image file will be used for the "/sdcard" area. For example, using the original defaults for the other partitions, a 16GB card will yield an "/sdcard" area of a little more than 12GB. (We didn't change this partition scheme. It was there all along. But the expanded partition was just never linked until we made it so.)

But this still leaves the problem that only 1GB is allotted for those apps that require internal storage in "/data" for all their data, so to exceed that limit we need to use the methods described in the thread of the second link in ChrisP's reply above. Note that the partition size values are specified in number of 512-byte blocks, so you will need to double the amount of kilobytes you want, to get the proper value to use. EG: For a 32 GB card I use 8 GiB for "/data" by specifying its size as 16777216, which leaves appx 20 GiB to be mounted as "/sdcard". You can adjust the balance between these two areas as you please, of course, but I strongly advise against trying to use all the space for "/data", as most software expects to find a usable "/sdcard" storage area, and some will fail if they can't write some files there.

Best regards: dlanor


Uh, Phoenix card is not in English. In fact, the version clearly says "English Version", but when run, it's all in Chinese characters.

You know, it would be great if your instructions, which are written in English, would point to the English versions of the software you are writing instructions for.

The version of PhoenixCard your instructions points to is Chinese. it will not even work on my computer.

i went to download Phoenix Card, but i can't find an English version higher than 3.06. I can't find the updater to make it 3.1.0.

Can you please take better care in the future, and make sure your information is accurate before posting something official?

Okay, i just tried for about 2 hours to put the Android image on an SD card. I still have not been successful.

I blame the support forums here for providing incredibly poor instructions that are full of errors.

These problems need to be fixed.

(1) First, the instructions need to be updated, and have all of their http: links updated to go to the correct files.
(2) The Phoenix Card software that is shown in the instructions is not available in English. The link goes to a download that is in Chinese, yet the instructions clearly show it in English. I do not have the Chinese language kit installed on my PC, so I know that it's not just a mistake of having the wrong language selected.
(3) I could only find version 3.0.6 of Phoenix Card in English. When I select the Android image that I downloaded from your site, it says "Script not Found. Please use new version image".
(4) I could not find an updater for Phoenix Card in English for 3.1.0. I looked all over.
(5) The instructions contain no troubleshooting information, so when anyone runs into trouble (like when things do not work exactly as the instructions say), you are stuck having to search  for answers.

Strange, I never seen it in chinese. However, Phoenixcard is included in most of the lichee SDKs, so you can get it directly from my git for exemple, here: ... d_V310_20130618.rar

I just tried it from here, and UI is properlly in english.

Thanks, Chris! The PhoenixCard software is completely different from the one i downloaded from the lemaker site. It's English, and just works as it shows in the instructions. However i still haven't gotten the Banana to boot in Android yet. I'm trying a different download of the image.

Neither image will boot on my Banana Pi. Nothing happens -- just a black, empty screen. Just to check, I put in my Lubuntu image, and it works, so I know that it's not the Banana.

Any suggestions?

So it's supposed to take a while on the first boot. How long are we talking about before I see "Android" on the screen?

on 4.4, there is an issue with power management: at first boot, u-boot think that the battery is too low and do not let him boot. But if you press the reset button for some seconds, then bpi is booting fine. i had sometime the same issue on 4.2, but only a few times ( I can see it now that I have an usb-uart adaptor).

In addition, first boot can take some time (up to one or two minutes) depending of the speed of the sdcard, so just be patient

And just to clarify, most of people writing here are just contributors, who like to try to help, nothing official ;)

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