Android 4.2 For BananaPi------SD Card Setup

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Does the file phoenixcard.ini contain the following lines ?




I have a lot of issues with phoenixcard. But I suspect it to be related to media card.

I have 2 generic 8 Go Lexar card and 2 Sandisk 8 Gb cards, all are Class 10. I never succeded to burn Android image on the Sandisk, and rarely succeded on the Lexar one.

By accident, I found a way to greatly increase the success rate: After doing a format in Phoenixcard, I eject the card, wait for some seconds, insert the card and start a burn. Maybe Windows is doing a refresh at this stage that was done just after the format.

As dlanor allreday told, the partition format done by Phoenixcard is really odd...

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Check the image file size or try unrar again if don't work try downlaod it again.

I have same problem to burn it

Everything has a purple tint.

Wireless Keyboard (K700) doesn't work.

Is there any other program we can use to burn the image ?  Phoenixcard is hopeless, so buggy

Noticed funny thing... 9/10 attempts with phoenix card are failed. Regardless of card reader, cards, adapters...
But there is a lucky one

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I had the same problem just now. I needed to change the name of the folder. The problem seemed to be that windows got problems with the characters behind the version number in the folder name. Guess my windows can't work with Chinese characters out of the box.


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OK thanks. I will give it a try.

The thing that worked for me with PhoenixCard was to remove ALL OTHER CARD READERS from my PC.  I removed my multicard reader and used an old USB to SD Kingston adapter, works every time for prebuilt images....

Another hint is to use the "sd formatter" software first to create a clean sd card.
Since I use this before restoring an image with phoenixcard everything works as expected.
Hope this works for you as well.

Looks like both these suggestions helped me out. I changed the name of the file wich enabled me to read the program. The other problem was a usb stick i had in the computer still.

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