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Hi There

This is probably one for Tony but could someone please provide me with a script.bin that has just the USB OTG enabled for raspbian. I have read the tutorial, downloaded the bin2fex tools the bat and the fecx.exe that does the conversion and somehow it does nothing when i run the BIN2FEX to allow me to generate a script.fex from my script.bin in the same directory.

Im using windows vista and whether its a windows 8 tool or not is probably the reason im hitting a brick wall. I dont have linux installed to do the linux fex editing instructions and to be fair the linux instructions are.. well lets put it simply.. scary... and long.. and include a step where you need to compile the kernel with a make uImage in these instructions found here:


The other instruction that Tony posted here are a little vague and only work for linux users/boxes.


So am i right in thinking for the usb otg to enable in raspbian, i need to replace some part of my config with this whole block of code?

  1. [usbc0]
  2. usb_used = 1
  3. usb_port_type = 2
  4. usb_detect_type = 1
  5. usb_id_gpio = portH04<0><1><default><default>
  6. usb_det_vbus_gpio = portH05<0><0><default><default>
  7. usb_drv_vbus_gpio = portB09<1><0><default><0>
  8. usb_restric_gpio = portH00<1><0><default><0>
  9. usb_host_init_state = 0
  10. usb_restric_flag = 0
  11. usb_restric_voltage = 3550000
  12. usb_restric_capacity = 5
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Could you please provide a script.bin available for download on the forum/download page that enables the usb otg for us. I have been selling B-Pi's and some of my first customers might want this feature but have the same problem I have, and i know its disabled for performance reasons, but some people dont want to have to edit this script.bin
I guess this solution needs both the script.bin and uImage file associated, as you recompile the kernel in the instructions to enable the usb otg.

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