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Has the Android 4.4 source been shared? If so, can someone point me to where I can get this?

I would like to get the Android 4.x source-code for Banana-Pi  too.
Could anybody tell us the hyper-link to get the Android Source-code ?

Thanks !

Some of the components are available here

But AFAIK, there is no full android distribution specific for BPi available ...

To ChrisP, thanks for points the github hyper-link to us.
I have "google" Android source-code for Banana-Pi and found a link: ... oid/vexpress-linaro

Could you tell us ,if linaro's Android Image can run on Banana-Pi or run on Cubieboard.
And,is linaro's Android source-code a full distributiion to Banana-Pi or full  to  Cubieboard ?


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