opengl how?

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Anyone managed to get opengl working properly? It seemed to work on raspbian but not on lubuntu.

This has been quite a google hunt and I'm still no closer to the answer.

Lets assume for a moment I have no clue how to use Linux (rasbian in this case)
and I want to build a C++ program using make. This is all possible I can do this just fine on my Raspberry Pi

But I need to know where the OpenGL ES libs, are on a new fresh install of Rasbian.
It seems there are none!

So I tried to install them, using

sudo -apt-get install libgles2-mesa-dev

It made an attempt to do it but it reports that there are multiple missing files at http:/
basically none of the libx files were found and the install failed..

I am totally stuck now..How do I get suitable openGLES2 libs onto the Banana Pi?

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