Banana doesn´t boot/ no HDMI signal

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Hi there,

I got a new Banana Pi, put it in a housing a tried to install/kopie the OS, but it doesn´t boot. Only the red LED is on and the green one is flashing green green and so on....

I tried another SD card and all kind of different OS witch are available on lemakers.

At first I flashed the SD Card with SDFormatter and then I put the .IMG with WIN32Disk Imager on the Card.
After a while we tried another power supply with also 5V and 2A without success.

Maybe you have some idea what I did wrong or how it will work!

Tanks a lot!

As far as I can tell, the green light flashing indicates that the BPI actually did boot and is now running.

What's the setup you use to connect the PI to your monitor/TV? Have you tried different cables?
Have you tried interfacing with the kernel output console on J11? If so, is uBoot coming up?

Thank you so much!

It´s now working with another monitor using a HDMI to DVI cable.
On the TV with HDMI it doesn´t work, but that’s okay, I will use it for a other application!

One more question, what OS would you recommend to run a 1080p movie on Banana Pi?
Because I realy like it now and it is fore sure a great PC for my TV at home


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You should try changing the boot resolution like I did here: ... amp;extra=#pid32322

Concerning your question about 1080p movies. I use my Raspi for watching movies, as there are a lot of XBMC versions out there. I don't know if there is a special version for Banana Pi though.

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