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Composite video not working?

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can anyone please tell me how to make my banana pi output on composite video. this is the only thread int he entire internet explaining and it does a very poor job. Please MAKE A TUTORIAL. i know how to do all that bin2fex and fex2bin stuff but really like ^banana said thats too confusing. i want an admin to reply to this im too frustrated trying to get this to work. either give us better software or tell us how to make it work

hope to hear from you soon

I also want composite video. But I have no idea how to do it. Can someone explain it step by step please?


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If you watch in black & white is the PAL system, sure your tv is NTSC system, for now I don't know how to change the system

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screen0_output_mode in the [disp_init] section of the FEX file should be set to :
11 for PAL
14 for NTSC

For a complete description of all the fields in the FEX file look here :

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Where in the filesystem do I find this fex file?

The fex file would be on your FAT partition but in a binary form "script.bin" ,along with the kernel uimage,

So to edit the script.bin file you'll have to first decompile it with the "bin2fex" tool.
Once decompiled it can be edited and then must be compiled back to binary with "fex2bin" tool.

Deenbee has outlined the process here :
http://forum.lemaker.org/viewthr ... &extra=page%3D1

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Thank you , thats it !  i should have read the settings more carefull , shit happens , corrected the values and composite are working now , thanks again !

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