Updating Lubuntu to 14.04 Trusty

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The current version of Lubuntu is 13.04 i.e. from April 2013 aka quantal.
I recently updated mine to 14.04 i.e. from April 2014 aka trusty.

I did this by updating the repositories from quantal to the more recent trusty.
As highlighted here:

in a terminal Ctrl + Alt + t past : [size=12.800000190734863px]sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list
Replace quantal with trusty and then:
  • sudo apt-get update
  • [size=12.800000190734863px]sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

It seems to be running fine the icons have been updated. only issue i've found so far is that the previous vnc server instance isn't working. Haven't actually tried fixing it yet, might be simply fixed by creating  new instance.
I'm looking into how to update the kernel cos it's currently 3.4 and there have been a lot of allwinner patches of the A20 since 3.4.

Any feedback or ideas let me know.
Thank you for this simple update.
Was already thinking that it was possible, but glad that someone already confirms this

The Lubuntu 14.04 will released in two days.

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