Changing size of analog video output?

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Thanks to the various posts on there I've figured out how to set the BPi's to Analog NTSC out.

But, unlike the other devices I use, this signal doesn't seem to be sized the same. On any screen I use the analog video is still slightly bigger than the available size.
Is there some way to change overscan or something, to shrink the screen slightly? It's not really usable as it is, with important parts of the screen being hidden. I know with the RPI there is a way, but I'm not sure if it's analagous for the BPi.

BTW I've tried multiple screens and multiple OS's (Bananian, Raspian for BPi, Kali), and both BPi's I currently own (bought at the same time). I'm not sure if the HDMI is the same, as my HDMI screen is taken by something else currently.

Thanks very much!
It worked for me with disabling overscan option on raspi-config in Raspbian 3.1, after running sudo update & sudo upgrade.
Someone said that is just for Raspberry Pi but it worked for me.
But I thing that it will depend on the monitor.

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Ok, on the Raspbian BPi...
1) ran apt-get update / upgrade,
2) ran raspi-config and disabled overscan,
3) rebooted
Sadly it made no difference.

Also, what about for bananian / Kali / any of the others? Is there something in the script.bin that does the same job as the Raspbian config.txt?


Tried with various values for overscan_(top|right|bottom|left) in the config.txt too, but with no change at all.

config.txt won't make any difference, the weird part is raspi-config.
Perhaps I am confussed and I did it on my RaspberryPi... sry.

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