Phoenix Card on Windows 8.1?

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Having successfully run Lubuntu on my Banana Pi I am now interested in trying a version of Android and understand that the image has to be written to an SD card (I plan to use a SanDisk SDHC card) with Phoenix Card, rather than with Win32diskamager.

Some folks say that an external card reader has to be used, while others have managed to use an internal or built in device successfully. but before spending too much time on this I would appreciate it if someone could kindly confirm that the Phoenix Card program will actually run and function OK on Windows 8.1?

I do accept that some people cannot get it to work at all anyway, and although I do also have access to a laptop (with a built in card reader) running Linux Mint 17 I also understand that there is still no suitable Linux program to install the Android image onto an SD card.

Apologies for starting a new thread on this subject,but the existing one was getting a wee bit lengthy!

I made it work with both internal and external SD card reader on Windows 8.1


Thanks for your reply... that is encouraging news.

I will give it a try tomorrow.

Can I ask which version of Phoenix Card you used?

First I followed instructions and downloaded phoenix from here: ... _sd_card_setup.html

But, now I moved to another modified version of Android that it has been optimized:
- SD card partition is loaded
- It can be recorded to a SD card with standard tools, win32diskimager or dd.

Download it from here, the name is ... VU&usp=sharing#list

Thanks again... your second option seems a much simpler way of doing things and obviously avoids the use of PhoenixCard altogether!

I am quite familiar with win32diskimager anyway, so will try that method first and see how it goes, however I have just realised that the file is quite large one (1.5GB) and as my so called broadband download speed is very slow here, I think I will leave that job until tomorrow, and turn in now!

Let's just clarify one thing about images of the 'normal' form, that can be written to a card with 'Win32 Disk Imager' and similar tools (like Linux 'dd').

Those images are made for ONE specific card size. They can only be restored to a card of the same size or larger. eg: One 8G card might in fact have slightly smaller space than the original 8G card, and can then not be used. At least not with "Win32 Disk Imager", which will refuse. I'm not sure if 'dd' will allow it (truncating some final block).

It's also doubtful whether or not the entire space of a larger card will be used when booting such an image, as it may have been fixed to the original card size when the original image was prepared (by PhoenixCard). I will test this later today, using a 16G card, and report the resulting space usage here afterwards.

Best regards: dlanor

Download it from here, the name is ... VU&usp=sharing#list
actkk2000 Posted at 2014-10-8 22:26

   I have now had two attempts at downloading this file, which appeared to be going well with over 1 GB downloaded, but both subsequently failed to complete, with the message "Unknown network error" being displayed in the Download List.

Not sure why this should happen though.

I have lots of issue to burn an image with PhoenixCard on my Win 8.1 64 bits. Most of the time, it doesn't work the first time, even if I cleaned the existing partition with Minitool partition Manager. Burning a sdcard may fail at any stage. Sometimes burning several time the same image on the same sdcard finish to success. Tried several sdcard reader, usb or not, with same behavior. Tried also on my laptop and on my workstation, with same result. The only common thing is operating system: Win 8.1 Ent 64 bits.

In addition, even by using the recommanded DragonFace, without upgrade, it use to crash when burning an image modified by it.

I have no idea where to check to fix these issues.

I have now completed the test I promised earlier today, of the image "android_for_bananapi_4.2.2-8g.img.7z" installed to a 16GB SDHC card by using "Win32 Disk Imager".

Unfortunately the results show that this image is not worthwhile to use!

Even on a 16GB card, the mounted space available to the user is only 2GB (in addition to the mandatory 0.98 GB simulating internal flash), which was surprising to me, since the image requires at least an 8GB card (the image  is almost that large). The available user space with a 16GB card should have been over 12GB. (12.62 GB for my 16 GB cards installed using PhoenixCard.)

Best regards: dlanor

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Ok, I confirm an issue for DragonFace with Windows 8.1. Using HyperV, I made a Win7 64 bits machine, used DragonFace on it, made some modification on the image, saved the image, and was able to burn it with Phoenixcard on my Win 8.1, then booted the BPi on it !

So Phoenixcard  works on my win 8.1. (not stable, but it works).

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