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Hi,my wlan is not working I use a Ralink MTK7601 Chipset which should work with the bananapi.
I did the following on bananian linux:
...and find [    2.942462] usb 3-1: Product: 802.11 n WLAN

than edit the /etc/network/interfaces
than restart the network sudo service networking restart

After the restart there is no wlan0 shown if I use ifconfig.

Is there something else to be changed?

Thanks for your help.

... I have the WLAN Ralink
MT7601 Chipset and I have downloaded the modul for the RT2870_Linux_STA and try to intall it on Raspbian but I can get it runing.
If I run service networking restart I get 'done' with no errors, but when I test ifconfig I do not get wlan0.
I have configured the interfaces and the wpa_supplicant.conf.

Can someone help

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maybe you need firmware for your wlan hardware, which is possibly not installed. If it is really Ralink 2870 based, the firmware is in the package firmware-ralink. Do a
  1. dpkg -l | grep -i ralink
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and look if you see a package named firmware-ralink. Or better post the output ;). If it's not installed, do an
  1. apt-get install firmware-ralink
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After installation of the firmware and a restart you can do a
  1. dmesg | grep -i wlan
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and you should see messages indicating successful initialization regarding your hardware. If not you have to dig deeper.

UPDATE: here ... =49864&p=392697 some raspi folks have the same prob, maybe they found a solution meanwhile which works also with Bananian. Those damn WIFI chip designers constantly invent new drivers and firmware, it's a mess.

Here is a good overview regarding WLAN and Debian.


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