XBMC step by step guide?

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@see topic, is a TODO or wiki page existing describing what to do to build xbmc from scratch?
The only thing I could find here a a few Ubuntu/Arch Linux based images of some "pros" who managed to build it, but how does that really help me/anyone?

I don't want to install a whole image but get xbmc running under my own debian jessie/sid. Now I'm not a "pro" but I guess I could work with someones bash_history for instance in order to understand what to do exactly to get xbmc running.

Is there any documentation with a step by step guide for the banana out there ?
For me, the guide by sunxi helped alot: http://linux-sunxi.org/XBMC
Based on that article, I made a blog post on how to build XBMC under Arch.

ryad replied at 2014-10-9 14:05
For me, the guide by sunxi helped alot: http://linux-sunxi.org/XBMC
Based on that article, I made a  ...

Hi does it work with hardware accelerator and subtitle?
Any cons?  u may want to upload somewhere for others

As you see in the mentioned link, the software and drivers are not ready on Allwinner devices. Therefore I'm sorry to disappoint you, but hardware acceleration is not possible at the moment.

I'm trying to build an Arch based distribution for sharing, as also requested on other forum threads. As I'm quite busy with my studying at the moment, I apologize that I can't give you an ETA.

Best regards,


just a quick question: how to determine if hardware acceleration is used or not on xbmc ? I installed Kodi Alpha 3 (and 4 with same result) on the Android 4.2 version procided by mattrix, and can get very good results (but really random too) on 1920*1080 movies, with cpu oscilationg between 70% to 100 %. Actually I suspect that the bottleneck is between xbmc and my NAS server, on the Android nework layer.

I presume that libstagefright included in kodi alpha may be used as a kind of hardware access, but not have the knowledge to validate that.

Any comments ?

If someone has compiled it, can you please provide DEB images for Raspbian? It seems it takes too long to compile all. Thank you.

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