Banana Pi 2.0 or Banana Pi plus

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As fan like to see in the future the Banana Pi Plus or 2.0 version having 2GB of Ram with 4 Cores CPU.
¿Some guys like my idea?

What the new name you like to be named?


1. Banana Pi plus
2. Banana Pi 2.0
3. Other...(what do you like?)
With a second NIC i see some cool network usage...

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I have a better idea for another Banana Pi.
I need a Banana Pi with an Allwinner A20 or A80 CPU and an Atmega Microcontroller.
Both communicates with a bridge. 2 GB RAM will be nice.
This will be a nice and powerful board in cloud computing or robotics.
A combined board of  Arduino  and Banana Pi.

I think it will be a better solution, like an Arduino Yun or the upcoming Arduino Tre.

@Friesen, i connected an Arduino via Serial - thats easy and something everybody can DIY if needed. That way it does not raise the price for people who don't need it and you can chose by yourself what kind of Atmega you want.


with Dvi connector or Vga

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   Mmmmmm I don't think in VGA or DVI connectors, one reason is for the big size than the small size of HDMI maybe is complicated to be combiined in a small board as Bpi.

HDMI > DVI is just a cable...
If somebody needs VGA there are 15$ converters that work and also split the audio (line out)...

So from my point of view - HDMI gives us everything.

I tested an HDMI to DVI cable, but it does not work (Android OS)

If someone have a part number of cable that works on Android and Linux

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The problem with many/most HDMI-to-DVI adapters when connected to Allwinner SoCs is an EDID mismatch. One common solution is to deactivate EDID probing and using a fixed resolution: http://www.cubieforums.com/index ... 03.html#msg10903%20

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I tested an HDMI to DVI cable, but it does not work (Android OS)

I never had problems with HDMI to DVI.

This one: http://www.amazon.de/dp/B000ZRSWI0/
Connects the Banana to my old 15" Philips TFT (Debian)

I can't say anything about Android cause google is evil and i don't support them
Bad enough i have to deal with my fathers Xoom

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