What is best multimedia OS for Banana Pi??

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What is the best OS to use with BPi?  I would like a system that is complete and easy to install software onto.
My requirements:
.GUI frontend
.Multimedia player with HD quality playback
.work with HDMI lead to plasma TV
.Maps to a windows Drive easily
.Maps to a NETGEAR NAS

What I have tried so far:
.Android for BPi  - cannot install to two of my SD's
.Federo 20 installed ran but had limited software and was a little sluggish
.Raspi - screen resolution on plasma dreadful and no multi media stuff
.OpenElec installed but did not run
.Pidora installed but did not run

.Lubuntu - looks the best usability wise. I can VNC to it. I cannot run Sudo anymore, no  idea why. Cannot find an easy way to a network drive. Also installed VLC and it plays audio. Running a demo 140mb hd trailer is slow from SD card.
lubuntu so far seems to be the most flexible OS.

I will try any OS that is recommended to me. I've got to a stage where I may give up with using BPi as a multimedia device, I would be a shame.

Thanks for reading.
1. You should know that the OS you downloaded from Raspberry Pi website could not run on BananaPi, as the two board has the different SoC. If you want to make them work on Banana Pi, you need do some customization. I will give out the manual on how to make other OS work later month.
2. We didn't pre-install any media player on Raspbian v2.0, but you can install one by yourself. And for Android please use a 8GB SD card.  You'd better use the OS download from our website. ChicagoBob has successfuly use the Android to do some mutimedia work. You can PM him for more information. Use Lubuntu as NAS is OK, because many people do that.
3. Please understand us, the Banana Pi is on its early stage, we need more time to improve everything, we have long road to walk. We will try our best to provide the support. But we cann't cover everthing, we need your support to help us grow up.

Thanks for you support.

Tony, thank you for taking the  time to respond to my query. I would love to see an OS that works out of the box for newbies who can then build on them.
Some of the simplest tasks you do in windows seem so complicated in Linux like mapping a drive, mounting NAS drive etc.  
With regards to Android, I did install from the banana pi site and spoke to ChicagoBob a few days ago regarding my issue. I still could not get it to load with PhoenixCard on my Win 8.1 x64 PC. Also note that Android software does not play HD movies.

I do understand it is early days, but the big concern I have is that the instruction to get things setup are not summarised  for newbies, instruction are everywhere on the web.
If you want new users to take on experimental boards they need to be given step by step guide (dummies guide) to get them started with a decent OS.
look forward to a good multimedia HD OS come out soon.

I am writing the wiki manuals now. I will write everything possible on it. But it also need everyone to add their experience and methods. I have not use Win 8, I am not sure if the Phoenix can be run under Win 8.

I will try PhoenixCard on my other PC that has XP. I will post my findings

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@op i tested all oses on the weekend and i think android is the best choice/ you can do wevrything you need and movies are working really well but with mxplayer only.. there is small problem with sd card, and guys from bananapi team working on it.  i tested raspbian and lubuntu. i cant install restricted codecs, so on linux codecs hd movies are really bad. so i think as i said, android will be the best choice when they repair sd problem

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http://forum.lemaker.org/viewthread.php?tid=622 - In post I finally manage to install Android. I can run VLC & MXplay on Android but get no sound via HDMI. I have switched on AUDIO_HDMI on Android but still no sound. Any ideas why?
I am playing a test MKV.
I would like a surround sound of 5.1.

My setup : BPi connected to Yamaha Amp which is connected to the plasma.
Hardwired Ethernet.
Channels 5.1

Open MXplayer config there you have video section. There you can change hardware and software codecs. I enabled evrything Now I have hardware acceleration for video and sound is from software acceleration. ( HW, SW i HW+ ) If you choose only software acceleration video will be freeze a lot. For DTS codecs you have to download ARM7 NEON ( look at bottom of video config )

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Thanks bumfank!

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hmm.. I tried to use MXPlayer for video player, there is critical problem.

That is, it need dts library(libffmpeg.mx.so) for playing DTS codec.
The file MUST be located to /sdcard, but this android for bpi has bug that cannot mount SDcard.

Finally, I gave up to use android for media player.
So I'll try to install Lubuntu with VLC, but I'm not sure that can play 1080P via smb.

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