What is best multimedia OS for Banana Pi??

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I installed VLC beta on Android and it is a little flaky. It pixelates a lot and sometimes has no sound. At the moment I am moving between players (Es, MXPlayer, VLC, TVDVideo). Some of them play MKV's but the forward rewinds don't work. Some play the MKV's really well but have no Audio (error no codec and DTS error). I'm not sure what the DTS error is.
So at the moment I am still playing with different media players.

I cannot run MXplayer from the applications menu, says I have no sd card, but if I run MKV via filer and select it  plays MKV. I have the same issue with Andriod Video Player!

DTS is a series of multichannel audio technologies owned by DTS, Inc., an American company specializing in digital surround sound formats used for both commercial/theatrical and consumer grade applications. It was known as The Digital Experience until 1995.
I think this link states DTS support.
https://play.google.com/store/ap ... tech.ffmpeg.v7_neon

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    Nope, the plugin doesn't support dts or ac3

Have you tried BS Player? It said it supports MKV with DTS

I just did a google and came up with this. Hope it helps.
http://bestandroidtricks.com/how ... our-android-device/

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    Appreciate for your help.
But, as I said, ibffmpeg.so file must be located to /sdcard.
However, current android 4.2 for BPi has bug that cannot mount /sdcard.
This is critical problem for running DTS and AC3 :-(

I mentioned about SD card problem on a couple of threads so tony_zhang know the problem and they are working on it. Unfortunetly we have to wait until they repair this bug.  

I testes all OSes and Android with MXPlayer is the only solution for 720p/1080p movies.

Android with MXPlayer is the only solution for 720p/1080p movies.<<
For multi - media Android is the fantastic. Easy to use Hulu Plus NetFlix YouTube
and if we can get the audio and video HW accelerated HD from a NAS.
Its just fun to use and you can expand it in so many ways it makes my head spin.

I just ordered the banana pi and noticed there are a lot of OS'es available. I was wondering whether this: "Android with MXPlayer is the only solution for 720p/1080p movies." is still the case, since this last post is from June and a lot of the others (eg Raspbian) have been updated by now.

I've been working with Ubuntu for some time now so if Lubuntu would do the job (i.e. let me use banana pi as a multimedia device), I would go for that.

Any thoughts?


Raspberry for bananapi works fairly well , however the browsers do not have finished sollutions for media playing. One of the things you will have to make yourself is a userscript that integrates with youtube/netflix and launches the video via a external player like vlc in fullscreen. as for flash support , there seems to be some sollutions but have yet to try them myself.

Android also works quite well , and you have access to play store ( althou some apps are not available due to it being 4.2 as far as i can tell ) but it plays video and sound quite good and games run smooth. it defenetly benefits if one attaches as hd to it as the sdcard is just not as good as a regular hd but it still does the job well.

When i tried lubuntu i found it sluggish and it did not seem to meet my needs.

Lemedia i belive to work aswell , but not as many options as android os.

that is my experiances playing with different os's so far.

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