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Hi All,

I'm trying to get tvheadend up and running on the BaPi. I want to use the Raspi Binary from their repository.

Anybody done this ?
Hi gbi,
as I am moving from Lubuntu to Bananian on my BPi and having a working tvheadend installation already running the last 34 days (since last reboot) on it, I can tell you that the program itself works like a charm, but I did not use the Raspi binary, I very quickly compiled it myself from the official repo. I don't know if the Raspi version will work well, just try, I will not hurt. :-)

I found the selfcompiling from official sources to be nicer, as I can easily update when I want and have the right installation method when doing so.

Here is what I have done, after I decided for a folder to put the sources:
Commands for building it:

You are pretty much done after "make install".

I found different instructions and had some problems with configurations in the past as instructions differ wildly.

After make install and a reboot, tvheadend's webif should be available. If it doesn't try to start it on command line like this:
  1. /usr/local/bin/tvheadend -u hts -g hts -f -C
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tvheadend starts as "hts" user normally. This is where it saves it fonfiguration. In one instruction, addtitionally to the steps above, they manually added all the hts-user stuff like this:
  1. groupadd hts
  2. useradd -g hts
  3. usermod -G video -m hts
  4. usermod -G video -a hts
  5. usermod -G audio -a hts
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It has been a while since my last tvheadend installation, I will probably install on Bananian tonight and will see if I told you stupid stuff here. :-D

So good luck!

PS: What kind of DVB device will you use. Does it run out of the box?

Hi maxwell,

thanks for your reply.

I'm going to use a

Questions regarding tvheadend:

- which version do you have used ?  The latest stable or a bleeding edge development one ?
- have you compiled it on the BaPi itself ? How much time ?
- how responsive is the BaPi while recording ?


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Good luck on getting it to work, the TeVi seems pretty well supported!

I was using the lastest Git version 3.9 something lately. Before that I was using a precompiled one I found for BPi version 3.4 (guess that's the stable one). Both worked very well. Compiling from scratch took me around 10-15 minutes. Recording a crypted HD channel, which gets decrypted by a dedicated OSCAM server on the BPi as well, does not let the BPi get sweaty, I have no cpu percentage right now, but it is quite an easy task, so still very responsive. I used htop a while back to see whats going on with the CPUs while streaming to network clients. Recording alone is an even easier task. Oh yes, recording was done to an attached SATA hdd.

Streaming multiple HD streams to network clients becomes serious though, expect a framedrop once in a while (two DVB-C sticks).

I am using XBMC as a frontend on one of my HTPCs with tvheadend on the BPi as the backend and maaaaaaan do I have great switching times, best digital TV experience ever for me. Timeshift works flawlessly as well.

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If you want to use the nightly builds (version 3.9+), add
deb wheezy main
to your
and call

  1. apt-get install curl
  2. curl | apt-key add -
  3. apt-get update
  4. apt-get install tvheadend
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That's all, open your bowser and type: http://bananapi:9981

Thanks for the tip mille, highly appreciated! Saves me some time in the future. :-) Will try later on.


Thanks for the tip Mille. I was compiling from git last week.

I have one question. Do you have the option to "Enable transcoding" on the Configuration -> General screen.

I do not see the option, even after a successful compile. Something to do with compatibility with versions of libav

phildapunk replied at 2014-10-13 20:47
Thanks for the tip Mille. I was compiling from git last week.

I have one question. Do you have the  ...

No, I don't have this option, it seems not to be activated in the Tvheadend builds (same for libhdhomerun).

But the output of ./configure should show version mismatches regarding libav/ffmpeg. I guess you will need to install the libs from testing/sid.

hi could you tell me what kind of sound you have with tvheadend.
hi have well running VDR on the bananapi. But only with stereo.


Tvheadend records all available audio streams, no problems with DD/AC3 here.

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