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Does Banana Pi support any mega-pixel camera module?

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I am looking for a mega-pixel camera module through CSI interface, any recommend?
Also, would the current RPI Camera board work with the Banana Pi?

Hi, do you have an estimate date when we can buy Bpi camera?

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200 mega-pixel or 30 mega-pixel will be the best choice

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200 mega-pixel or 30 mega-pixel will be the best choice
richard Posted at 2014-5-5 02:49

Interesting choice

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It's first camera for Banana. 5MPix:

Price: unknow...


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Hello Richard,
actually I am building a 100MPixel CCD-Camera. The camera hardware is working now. It outputs the data (around 250MByte/Image at 50MBytes/s) via parallel interface + pixel clock. Configuration can be done via I2C, SPI or old serial 8N1. Now I am looking for an interface PARALLEL-Data --> Ethernet for coupling the camera to normal Intel desktop PCs.
I tried to use the RaspberryPI, but CSI documenation is secret, GPIO+DMA will not work, SPI is too slow and too bulky, and 100Mbit/s Ethernet is too slow.
Now I hope to be able to do it via a BananaPI.
Do you see a chance to push the data without an compression directly to the BananPI RAM?
Perhaps one core can do this job, while the other core can transport the data to Ethernet. Or DMA?
My problem is like a 250MB FIFO buffer only. Parallel in and Ethernet out.
Best greetings

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Astrofrank replied at 2014-10-13 10:50
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Hello Astrofrank;
        You meam you want to  transport the data of the camera to the normal Intel desktop PCs, is that right?
        You can finish it with android on BananaPI.

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Hi Richard,

My CCD camera has a
     16bit parallel output + Strobe for data
      SPI for control

After end of integration the camera has to transfer the data to the memory of the banana pi via one of the Banana CPUs or DMA. The second CPU should transport the data to GigaBit Ethernet (e.g. normal Desktop PC).

Why Android? I am not skilled in using and programming Android. Up to now I am using Linux+ GCC  only.

Perhaps somebody knows someone who can do this programming (for money).      (returns to my email please)

Best regards


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