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Hello,I've just bought new BananaPi. I've installed all system images and tryed to get good quality of playing HD movies.
Lubuntu and Raspbian played about 0.5fps. I've tryed to change output video card mode and it didn't help.

Android played well but without the sound, so I googled that It can be audio decoding problem, and I've downloaded a couple movie players like VLC or Mplayer. In VLC I enabled sound and I my performance of movie slowed down. It's not watchable. Maybe 15 fps.

I tested BananaPi with 1080p DTS movie and with normal HDTV 720p rip. I use Sony Bravia 36'' And both movies are to heavy for BananaPi.

So I think that BananaPi have some problems with performance, or maybe I made some mistakes.

Can anybody help me?
Ok so I found a solution. I installed Mxplayer and made some changes in Hardware/Software acceleration settings and now It's fine. Videos is decoded from hardware acceleartion and sound is from software. I tested it on a lot of movies. But there is a critical bug on android. I can't save files or open many apps. Cause android says I don't mounted SD card ( but it is inside ). There is a topic for it: http://forum.lemaker.org/viewthr ... &extra=page%3D1

SD card problem is caused by the reason that we port the Android from a pad into Banana Pi, so the system will detect an external SD card. On Banana Pi it regards the SD card as the not the real SD card. We will need fix the problem on next release.

That's really great. How long will it take?

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Maybe it is a long time. We are now repairing problems in Raspbian and Lubuntu, and also for GPIO library. So the android plan is after them

ok but with this problem android is useless. i cant do anything with files and i cant use apps which use sdcard. to be honest. i can only read my emails and reply for this thread. how can i make my own android image from bassic system? is there any tutorial?

I will give a basic manuals on the wiki coming soon.

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Hi Bumfank,

Could you specify what you did with the hardware accelerator? how did you configure it?
i am having the same problem

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    It's simple in MXPlayer.

I cannot remember exact menu, please excuse.
After enter to preference, (Video)enable H/W accelation and (Sound)turn on S/W decoding.
that's it!

after, in the movie screen you have to choose HW acceleration ;-)

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