FM Transmitter like RPi?

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Some guys hacked a fairly decent FM Stereo transmitter on the Raspberry Pi. See:

http://www.icrobotics.co.uk/wiki ... o_an_FM_Transmitter

The results of their latest code is VERY impressive, it is stereo with RDS data.

Furthermore it can transmit from some low frequency, perhaps 1 mHz to above 220 mHz.

( I am using one on 216.150 for a talent earpiece on television )

Has anyone achieved this on the BPi?
Hey, just a piece of cable - so try it

MrGlasspoole replied at 2014-10-16 05:24
Hey, just a piece of cable - so try it

It's not only piece of cable.
It's software and using specifical hardware tricks.

That probably doesn't work on BPi (another hardware).

Really? There is software? How did they do that?
Never heard that you can run software on a Banana Pi...
I thought it's all about the cables - the cables do the stuff

Reported  working on this post :

[RP for BP] Use Banana PI as a FM broadcasting system

Interesting, I do not have my BP today but I downloaded and was looking at the files.

I see there is a file called web_server.py so does that have a web interface?

Thank you

I've quickly ran around the code, and yes it have. It looks like here is a folder where you put music and maybe metadata for RDS then go !

Wow that I need to do for my friend pirate radio station need more info about this please take for easy steps

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It is not working for me, perhaps it requires a specific distribution?

I started with a fresh fully updated Rasparian, no go.  

I figured the frequency might be off ( conf file shows 98.5 mHz ) but I used a SDR and scanned from 50 mHz to 650 mHz no signal.

BTW, the web server seems to work fine on port 8080 amd it appears to have come loaded with a library that it plays out.  Point browser at:

So does anyone have this working on Banana Pi?

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