The Schematic for BananaPi

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randyf1965 replied at Sat Jan 31, 2015 12:05
I have searched for dimensional drawings of the Banana Pi Pro board. I would like to design a case i ...

I think the below link can help you
http://forum.lemaker.org/thread- ... d_2d_dimension.html

These schematics are NOT for the Banana/Pro ... these are for the BananaPi ...
(see section "Ext Port" that shows an 26-pin GPIO header ...)

Does somebody know where can I find the schematic of Banana Pro board?

I'd love LeMaker to share more data if they're calling their boards "OpenSource". Schematics, PCB dimension files, etc.
I can understand if they're afraid of someone ripping their boards and producing counterfits but hey... It's Allwinner boards: anyone can make fully compatible clones (just check out how many A20 based boards are out there right now).

Bottom line: the more LeMaker shares, the more good promotion they'll get on thematic media and the stronger our community is.

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I can understand if they're afraid of someone ripping their boards

Who really afraid of that, they never describe their products as "OPEN source"!! so i personally think lemaker just foolish us!
I ask them to provide me layouts and schematics to their "open source" boards but all i got in answer is just two pointless documents: "design blocks schematics" (its even not "schematics" as document describe itself and totally pointless) and "User Manual", thats pointless too,  cause its not help me anyhow to build this board by myself, how its MUST, as true "open source" have to. so this is total shame and SCAM what they do. i think anyone can just sue them in court for that, and its happened before with another companies already, not even once. they loosed a lot of money.
So, i see only two options for them from this point:
1. They must remove label "Open Source" from all their products immediately, apology for that "misapprehension" in public and keep pray with hope no anyone want to sue them in court for past foul play.
2. They must put to public all their files with true (without even any mistakes in them, that's mean "production schematics") for all boards what they describe as "open source" and do apology for that "mistake" in public. Conflict will be immediately resolved just automatically.
ps: "open source" term means anyone can reproduce the object by self, just by using providing documentation. so far no any documentations is available in public, so its clearly scam and foolish us.
pps: for example - this is "true open source" project:
and for proof of that, their layouts and schematics available in public (so anyone can reassemble it by self):
another real open source player:

so now we waiting for adequate move from lemaker, and we hope they will not think too long, before too late.

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thanks for sharing this

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