[IMAGE] 1080p XBMC/Kodi with Android 4.2 (1080p Video Support!)

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Well, I claimed that I suspect it ;) Have you guys tried it ? Do you have same results with kodi that I have ?

I'm building the new Version of this Image with Kodi Alpha4 and will give you a link as soon as its uploaded (300kbit/s uplink ) ...

And so the 1080p version will be less stable, but faster!
Thanks ChrisP for the Information!


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so seing your edited first post, I assumed that you also see massive gain with embedded video playback in kodi, without needing MX player ?

Right now I am trying to evaluate if network is the bottleneck for playing video from my NAS.
i tested smb connection with "wifi speed test" app from play store, which is able to bench smb traffic on ethernet connection.
The best traffic I had is average 25 Mbits, and ethernet is identified as 100 mbit, while the link is identified as Gbit link on the switch side.
i should have this result in Mbytes, not Mbit.

i tested a sata drive connected to the bpi, with high bitrate hd video and did 2 observations:
The video rendering is really stable at first try, need to test deeper with ultimate test: running my hobbit mkv, when bilbo just find the buglar contract, and jump outside bursting to join the dwarfs company
2dly, only one cpu is diplayed in kodi debug info. Does that mean that android is using a core for sata management ?

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Just doublechecked with the hobbit, and had zero issue in my favorite scene. Neither connecting external disk with sata connection, neither with the same disk (power supplied) with usb connection.

But this time I didn't encounter the strange phenomen with one cpu alone , that should be related with something else than sata connection.

So the bottleneck to fight now is the ethernet connection to have a very capable media player solution.

Another good step ;)

Is it possible somehow to use the built-in IR receiver?

Is this image to be burned with Phoenixcard or windiskimager?

thatsbanana replied at 2014-10-22 16:21
Is this image to be burned with Phoenixcard or windiskimager?

With Phoenix card

st_smurfy replied at 2014-10-22 06:10
Is it possible somehow to use the built-in IR receiver?

did you try that ? http://kodi.wiki/view/HOW-TO:Use_any_IR_remote_with_OpenELEC

I got it running now on my 8 GB Card, the older 4GB card did not work for some reason.

My results:

- MXPlayer works very well with Big buck bunny 1080p with HDMI sound on
- KodiA4 works well with Big buck bunny 1080p (some image glitches when overlay is present), sound is fine as well
- KodiA4 works well with internet streaming (I tried youtube and gametrailers add on), but seems to be limited to 720p, even though I requested 1080p

So good so far

Hi everybody
Today I gave this Mod a try and here is what i have to say about it:

- I totally love the possibility to directly boot into kodi
- I had no crashes or whatsoever. The system did run quite smoothly so it's quite nice to use
- I use Yatse instead of the suggested "Official XBMC Remote" for remote control and it also works quite well

Nevertheless there were some downsides i noticed:
- My Edimax WLAN stick isn't detected so i can't get WLAN working. I am a quite new Banana user so maybe someone could give me some advice how to get it working?
- I only tested one movie which was an 720p .mkv file. It did start to play flawlessly but after ~10 minutes playback became choppy and audio/video lost synchronicity. This happened over and over again while on the other hand Mxplayer had no such problems with the same file. So there seems to be a problem with either kodi itself or the implementation of kodi in this mod.
- I gave all the system's audio output options a try but none of them enabled analog output which i need for my purposes Is there a way to get this working?

All in all this mod is really great and with some tweeking it can became all i want it to be. Thanks to all the developers! Keep on the great work!

One final suggestion: I would totally love to be able to shut down the banana via kodi remote control (Yatse/Official XBMC Remote). As kodi is only running as an app this isn't possible, is it?

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