does the Banana PI support XBMC?

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Reply 12# tony_zhang

Sorry for the late reaction tony, i was on vacation but i'm back now, and yes i'm trying to port xbmc on the banana pi. So if help is needed i will for sure help with the porting.

Reply 21# Juni

Hi Juni,Could you pm your email? And the source code can be get from https://github.com/LeMaker  .

Reply 21# Juni

   How far you are? I wonder if just having --enable-gles in configure script is enough once you setup all drivers. Dependencies to build xbmc are horrible though so didn't have time to go through it yet.
Problem with mali binary drivers is that they offer GLES/EGL but not GLX so we can't just run many of the programs. If we want GLX or other extensions we'd have to use lima drivers (open source) but I don't think they're anywhere near ready... in fact I even compiled them, produced two .so files that are not used by anything.. probably programs need to be compiled for this.

Reply 23# nnn2

Hi nnn2,

First I'm not an expert on linux/unix, I'm a system engineer specialized on Windows Operating System. Beeing that said what i did a few weeks ago before my vacation was. Using the BPi hardware pack i build my own image and successfully compiled xbmc. But I got stuck on an error when trying to start xbmc, segmentation fault if i'm not wrong. I thinks I was missing some modules/devices like /dev/cedar_dev etc...

What I really want is to have a clean linux version with only what is needed to run xbmc and start it in framebuffer, no X-windows system and HWA.

What I'm trying right now is following the following advice:

And see if this time xbmc, will start... I dont know if it will work but will try it.

Reply 5# xefil

    Thanks for answer.

Nice to read that there are several people want to xbmc on BNPi.
I have the android tried but doesn't work properly.
Lubuntu works very slow.
Etc etc.
I hope there is an image becomes available.u
Where everyone is happy with it.
According to the specification should just better than the raspberry pi.

XBMC is making progress. I have the Gotham build under Android running and its OK for 480p but can not play HD.
If you read the forums here many people are interested in this and I think the solution wont be too far away.
nnn2 enabled the Mali acceleration which I hope can be leveraged in the XBMC code to accelerate  via hardware.
Simon-xefli seems to have some hardware acceleration going as well.. So I imagine we are going. With the Gigabit ethernet and XBMC this will be one of the HOTTEST boxes out there.
Better if it was in Android because then you can do Netflix as well as Hulu etc. One cool media center!!

Hi guys

I finally got it working, thanks to nnn2 image, I have successfyllu compiled xbmc 12 frodo and have it started on the BNPi... I have not tested video playback yet... I'm going to in a few minutes... Be right back with results...

Reply 27# Juni

XBMC is working very well only one problem, when streaming a 1080p video from mashup the video starts but the screen if black, I can see the progress bar moving and the fanart, also when pressing the o button to display the codecinfo I can see it, but the screen stays black. The codec info show dc:A10 so I guess HWA is working. Further more it streams at 9.54 fps and both cpu's spikes between 5% and 18%.

Beeing that said, the xbmc user experience is very pleasant, better than RPi. It is a lot smoother and reacts very fast.

What I will try next is to try fixing the black screen issue and have xbmc start without running x-server.

Reply  Juni

XBMC is working very well only one problem, when streaming a 1080p video from mashup t ...
Juni Posted at 2014-7-25 11:26

    The same problem on laptop hp duo core.
I think it is xbmc issue

Reply 29# Renebeek

Yes I think that to, but something a forgot to mention is that audio did not work also. And that it is not always, because I tried playing a video clip from youtube and it successfully showed the video but has no sound also.

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