does the Banana PI support XBMC?

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Here is a ready to burn xbmc 12.02 rc2 image made by Allnet, based on lubuntu3 but reduced to fit a 4GB SD-Card. A kind of "openelec" for BPi.
There are two known Issues:
- Hardware acceleration for the GPU
- some few BPi boards cannot get an internet connection, even if the BPi get's an IP Address.

Image is reachable over ssh with default username/password from lubuntu3 image.

Here is a ready to burn xbmc 12.02 rc2 image made by Allnet, based on lubuntu3 but reduced to fit a  ...
n0wl Posted at 2014-7-29 08:11

   Do you mean it has NOT hardware acceleration? Then I think is more or less useless (from my point of view). ;)

If you want hardware decoding, then you can try one of the Android images that mattrix modified for better launcher, better SD card mounting (with some advice from me) and different initial app collection which includes XBMC. Then you can install MX Player and its codec pack for "(ARMv7 NEON)", and finally you copy a suitably edited "playercorefactory.xml" file to the folder "/sdcard/Android/data/org.xbmc.xbmc/files/.xbmc/userdata" using a file manager.

This will allow you to use the XBMC GUI to access local or remote media for playback, which is then performed by MX Player using its excellent hardware acceleration.

I do this but also with the addition of a PlexBMC addon, so I can access my full Plex media library, just as with other Plex playback clients.

Of course, the Android multitasking and background services do steal some CPU time, and you can't expect miracles. But it does work fine for playback of my high quality 720p 'Game of Thrones' episodes, and I think it will handle most anything with a bitrate around 10 Mbps or less. But a 1080p movie I tried at 22 Mbps only played for a few seconds before locking up, so the limit probably lies somewhere in between.

Best regards: dlanor

Here is the RC3 of Allnet's image:

I have not tried though.

Guys, as I can see hulsinko from xbmc.com already trying to migrate XBMC to BananaPi. In my opinion we should invite him to this forum and "split" up the work. In my opinion it would be stupid thing to do things twice (you would do it and also hulsinko). If the job would be splited up between professionals, in a month we'll have a 100% amazingly working XBMC on BananaPi.



Allnet's image isn't hardware accelerated, it's choppy @ 720p using 150% (tried TMNT trailer).

while XBMC version is coming soon also from sunxi A20, you can compile VLC for hardware acceleration on the A20 pi:

http://forum.lemaker.org/viewthr ... 7&highlight=vlc

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