Sata / Usb power problem

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Hello, I've noticed a power problem.I have 2.5'' SATA disc and USB "My passport slim" disc. I plugged my Banana PI with 5V/2A power ( I got it with BananaPi package ).
When I was testing Banana with Lubuntu and Raspbian SATA disc ( connected with SATA interface and SATA power ( 2 white pins near DC IN )) evrything was fine. But when I connected my SATA disc into Android system I saw the problems. When I want to make some operation on disc it freezing and making "tick, tick, tick" noise. I thought that might be problem with my disc. But when I connected USB disc ( without SATA disc ) Banana didn't boot. It's try to boot but after 10 seconds red LED goes out and disc make same noises like on SATA disc.  So...

- Can I connect another DC into USB OTG? How strong can it be?
- Do you have other solutions? Maybe I could make a external power supply for disc?
- Why disc's work on Lubuntu and Raspbian but on Android not?
It seems that the power supply is not enough under Android. Android costs more power than Raspbian and Lubuntu.

Ok, I bought disc case with two usb cables ( one for data, one for power ). I will connect this disc case to my Power Strip ( I have USB output on it ) so I will check is it power problem or something else.


yeap, that was power problem. I plugged my SATA disc as USB drive and get power from external source ( power strip ) and evrything is fine. So Android need more power from Banana and it can be problem to use SATA input.

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