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Mali driver missing in kernel 3.4.90?

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Hi, the mali driver seems to be misisng the 3.4.90 kernel in Raspbian.Any idea how to get it back?

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the mali drive is already compiled into the kernel.

Why do i get the error  FATAL: Module mali not found.?

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Having some fun with this at the moment. mali is now mali_drm. I'm trying to find a way to link or loop or redirect the old naming convention to the new one. Not sure what drm is, but it is also a seperate file, and mali_drm is using it. To test for yourself, edit out all the # in /etc/modules under Display and GPU, reboot, then look at lsmod. I get 8192cu, mali_drm, drm (used by mali_drm), ump, lcd, xpad (xinput game controller i think, likely unrelated). Anyone else have similar results?

All this is from wrestling with XBMC, which is more fun than I intended to have. I've had the board a few days and have been hacking away at it relentlessly since I plugged it in. I've run XBMC on linux, windows, android, a jailbroken ipod, an actual xbox (what it was designed for, won't even run the new ones, bah) and even hacked it to run on a pc video card too old to run it on linux, but it's running frodo anyhow, so nah-nah you picky xbmc coders.

I should prob start an XBMC thread in here, huh? Gonna go do that now.

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   mali and mali_drm are separate modules. No idea what's the purpose of _drm one (I have both) but if you don't see /dev/mali you don't have the needed module
Just compile the kernel yourself, and you'll have proper mali driver.

You make compiling a kernel sound as easy as compiling a sandwich for lunch. But, I'm already up to my elbows in new linux stuff, might as well. Maybe I'll even throw xfce in, just for kicks. always liked that better than lxde anyhow.

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