Are SDHC cards supported?

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Does the banana pi support SDHC cards or only SD cards?
Yes, it does support SDHC cards. I'm using a 16GB SDHC card by Lexar and official specs state support up to 32GB. There was a thread were someone could not get a 64GB (SDXC) card running, so until others report else, I'd assume more than 32GB are not supported.

not working for me : SanDisk Ultra Android 32 Go Carte mémoire microSDHC avec adaptateur Classe 10 UHS-I SDSDQUA-032G-U46A (http://goo.gl/q1Kj5G) ; 16GB is OK.

I currently have a 32Gb Transcend/Sandisk SDHC class 4 card on my Banana, and it works fine. However, I have not extended the file system to the full 32Gb as this is just some image I'm experimenting with. It currently uses only 8Gb.

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