network dev eth0 - gmac_open error -19

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have try bananian 1408 and 1409 - but no network config is available. ip a s shows a eth0 device ifconfig not (only lo). Config static ip via /etc/network/interfaces does also not work.

is that perhaps a hardware failure?


[   11.660649] eth0: device MAC address 02:16:05:82:09:ec
[   11.711263] sunxi_gmac: probed
[   11.728473] eth0: PHY ID 00000000 at 0 IRQ 0 (sunxi_gmac-0:00) active
[   11.748312] eth0: PHY ID 0000ffff at 1 IRQ 0 (sunxi_gmac-0:01)
[   11.767436] eth0: PHY ID 000000ee at 2 IRQ 0 (sunxi_gmac-0:02)
[   11.786501] eth0: PHY ID 001cc915 at 7 IRQ 0 (sunxi_gmac-0:07)
[   11.805016] gmac_open: Cannot attach to PHY (error: -19)
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Unless you played around in UEnv.txt (the sunxi_gmac is AFAIK based on the generic stmmac device/driver and this driver can be supplied with different physical addresses at kernel boot time via stmmmaceth="phyaddr:X") this seems to be a hardware problem between the A20 SoC and the RealTek 8211 PHY or the latter is simply broken (have a look at the replacement procedure ).

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