Mount HDD problems with SATA connector

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Hi guys.
I'm newbie at now and don't know it's the right topic where i can ask about my problem. I'm sorry and here is my "story":

I ordered a Banana Pi one or two month ago. It works well. I installed a Rasbian for Bananapi OS and set up a few things (for example remote desktop server and ssh).

I buy the banana pi because i want to run a non stop torrent client. I set it up and works well (installed Deluge,setup preferences and mount my 1TB sata HDD to media/torrents). And here is the problem. Somehow the hdd is unmounted automatically and don't know why. My solution was unmount the device and amount again the same directory. After the mount click to Force Re-Check files and wait a couple hours.

Is there any solution to solve my auto unmount problem or any advice how to mount the device to never unmount?

Thanks for the answers and have a nice day to you
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How do you power your Banana Pi? Via the 'power in' Micro-USB-connector on the longer PCB side or the 'wrong' USB OTG connector on the smaller side? The one on the bottom in this image is the correct one:

Do you had a look at the current and voltage your PSU and power cord supply? Maybe voltage drops below a specific level and then the HDD simply spins down? You might want to have a look at this thread and syslog (never used Raspbian but if it's Debian based you should have a look at /var/log/syslog)

Check on your power source, it is recommended a 5V 2A ps.
Sata line should be one like this, because of polarity (be careful with that).
See also the picture with connections:
http://forum.lemaker.org/thread- ... _for_banana_pi.html
http://forum.lemaker.org/forum.p ... 81&fromuid=1602

Thanks for your reply guys! (tkaiser and actkk2000)

I checked it, and i think i plugged in the right way.
Here is a photo:

My power soruce is 5V 2A.

I look the syslog and found an interesting lines

Oct 20 13:22:22 lemaker ntfs-3g[2502]: Failed to read vcn 0x4: Input/output error
Oct 20 13:22:22 lemaker ntfs-3g[2502]: ntfs_attr_pread_i: ntfs_pread failed: Input/output error

It is possible that the problem is that i used an NTFS formatted HDD?

NTFS forces too much the system...
If you want to keep compatibility with Windows, I recommend to use FAT32.
If not, then format the disk on ext4 to have full Unix compatibility.

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My power soruce is 5V 2A.

So your wall-wart is rated 5V/2A but what do you get in reality? I realised just today that using a long Micro USB cable leads to voltage drops when the Banana Pi is under load (dropped below 4.6V). So you shouldn't rely on specs/ratings but check the power source or to be more precise what's available to the Banana Pi's PMU (I explained how to do this from within an eg. xterm in the aforementioned thread).

BTW: Trying to supply 5V/2A through a Micro-USB-connector is always asking for trouble since contacts are too tiny.

It is possible that the problem is that i used an NTFS formatted HDD?

IT problems are layered in general. If the disk physically disappears (due to voltage drops or cable/connection problems -- have a look at SMART attribute 199) then there will be a filesystem driver whining that acts on top of the hardware layer.

Apart from the voltage drop due to cable resistance,there is also a ferrite bead(FB3) for filtering the sata supply and which supposedly drops a whopping 0.5v or so.

If you have a multimeter could you measure the voltage right at the hdd?

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