How I made Android my multimedia system

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Hi, So I had some time in this weekend and I fixed almost all the problems of Android.

1. SD card bug in Android
- Root your banana pi android with towelroot (;extra=page%3D1 )
- Download FX file explorer + FX file explorer root addon
- In FX file explorer open as root /system/etc/vold.fstab
- comment sdcard line
- change mount point of your sata disc or usb disc to /mnt/sdcard
- save
- reboot

- ?????
- if not, I will write how to make changes in img file ( a lot linux/windows work in virtualbox )

2. USB is too slow / sata power problems
Android take more power from banana PI so SATA drives and USB won't work without external power.
So I plugged my drive to USB. I plugged data cable to banana pi and I plugged power line to external dc ( I have power strip with USB power) and this fixed problem of low powering. But in speedtest I saw that USB is terrible slow ( about 800KBps upload in LAN!!! ). At home I've got a 300/300Mbps internet so I  need ( like ) fast solutions ;-)
So I plugged one more time my disc to SATA, but I took a risk and connected power to second MicroUSB ( OTG ) from other DC and yes! this helped me! SATA disc work fine now ;-) Sometimes it have some problems to start my disc. So, when I'm starting my Banana, I have to unplug and plug again my disc. Now I downloading my "linux distros" with 5MBps speed ( so this is acceptable )

3. How I configured my Banana to be a multimedia system

Videos: MXPlayer with all software and hardware acceleration enabled ( in play mode you have to choose HW acceleration )
DTS codec to MXplayer: ( ) - videos work reeealy great I watched some TV series and movies on It and it was good pleasure for me ( knowing that so small computer play so heavy file  ;-) )

Music: PowerAMP, Google Music ( greeeat app )

Internet radio: ... droid.DroidLiveLite

Youtube: Still looking for good APP. Now I'm using: ... but It have very pooor UI, before I use: ... indie.pocketyoutube but it's freezing a lot

FTP Server: - good and little app, no limits

Torrent/Downloading files: Adownloader - great app. Others have a lot of limits ( download, connections, torrents ) this app not.

Editor: FX File Explorer with Root addon

System monitor: ... .systemmonitor.lite

Still looking for app to stream my music over internet ( not dlna! ). on my PC I'm using subsonic.

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don't cry, evrything going to be ok :-) If you have some questions feel free to ask ;-)

One thing, if phone rooting won't work you have to unpack this Android image, change vold.fstab on PC and pack it again. Here is nice tutorial: ... ing+LiveSuit+images
you're interested in system.fex partition

Reply 3# bumfank

Thanks for bumfank

Way cool.
Cant wait to try all this out myself.
Have you tried XBMC using MXPlayer as the player?
I like the way the scraper pulls out the covers and such.

- In FX file explorer open as root /system/etc/vold.fstab
- comment sdcard line
- change mount point of your sata disc or usb disc to /mnt/sdcard
I am trying to understand this. Why did you do this.

Power Amp is the BEST. I have it on my phone as well.

There is a bug on Android.
BananaPi devs ported Android from tablet. So they forgot about change mount point of sdcard.
So Android try to mount sdcard but is not exists ( banana pi sdcard is used as internal memory, not external ). This cause a lot of problems. You can't manage files, you can't use apps that manage files (downloaders, music players, video players and others )  Generaly one big file problem ;-)
So you have to edit this fstab file and change your external device ( usb stick/disc, sata ) mount point to /mnt/sdcard.

PowerAmp is very cool and have a one simple functionality. Browse by folder I've got about 30k of songs grouped by albums as catalogs. Other music player try to group by id3 tag, and a lot of songs don't have tags so its hard to manage my colletion ;-)

one simple functionality. Browse by folder>>
I use the SAME THING. My folders are a bit different. They are arranged, Artist/Album/MP3's
About 1/2 have no tags even though I made them from my own CD's. I dont have 30K but I do have thousands and all the other players would see only half the songs
Anyway THANKS for doing the hard work and helping with the Android version.
If only XMBC worked..

Yeap Ive got sam problem as you (Artist/ Album / file) ;-)

At weekend ( if I don't forget about it ) I will try to write my SD Card as image and I will share it here. Maybe will help for someone ;-)

That would awesome bumfank. I'm new at this and this fix seems a little out of my league. Thanks in advance

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