How I made Android my multimedia system

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I have my hdd connected via sata (640gb) on matrix android 4.2 and it works fine

Nice to hear - What format is it? I'm using ExFat with no success.

psczarny replied at Tue Jan 6, 2015 03:26
Nice to hear - What format is it? I'm using ExFat with no success.

It is FAT or NTFS Iam not sure will check late evening


re SATA HDD format: I've used FAT32 and NTFS, preferring NTFS due to its more efficient storage method and lack of filesize limit.

re Android 4.4 image: Like Wieczor said the only such image available is from another site, and more importantly it is NOT rooted.
So all apps and system tools that require root access will fail with that image.
This would probably make much of your 'wish list' impossible to achieve.

re your setup 'wish list':
Much of what you want can be achieved by some of the custom Android 4.2 images made and released by our site members, if not directly then by addition of some apps. For example, a more configurable shell is easily achieved by installing "Nova Launcher" or similar.

Best regards: dlanor

yep I use NTFS ;)

Thanks guys, I will try to reformat it tomorrow.

With regards to the 4.4 image (yes - I know it's beta) I had no problems with any apps. E.g. Dropbox worked as a charm with full access to the file system. I didn't try any root access maneuvers yet. I just wish that the 4.2 had better support for streaming services - then it would make sense to make a custom image and pimp it with apps with running relevant services.

Just formatted with NTFS.. still no luck.

Any ideas?


psczarny replied at Wed Jan 7, 2015 04:10
Just formatted with NTFS.. still no luck.

Any ideas?

Are you on 4.4? If yes I would blame system. There was thread how to make hdd mount as sdcard but it was different way on 4.4 and 4.2. I will find id after work this might help.

If you have spared sd card try to write matrix android image

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  1. Are you on 4.4? If yes I would blame system.
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I am on 4.2 Matrix 3.1 here - have both images on separate SD's but I'll stick with 4.2 for now.

dlanor replied at Sun Jul 13, 2014 00:19
Another interesting multimedia usage is to install the 3rd-party Plex client Serenity, which also us ...

Hi dlanor, do you have a link to this Serenity Plex player ? I just installed Plex on my Synology NAS but would love to find an efficient way to use the movies presentation, not just the standard DLNA list !

psczarny replied at Mon Jan 5, 2015 20:17

Thanks for the insights.

Nice wish list

Some comments:

  • Regarding the 4.4 version, as soon as we get some good sources for 4.4, we should be able to do it since Kernel part is more or less ok now (some things still need to be fixed anyway). I find the 4.4 beta 1 very ... Beta version (slow, not stable in my BPi)
  • SATA was working fine the last time I tried it, but using self powered Hard Drive. But I am not aware what should be the maxium size supported.
  • Regarding NAS capabilities, I do not consider Android Network Layer stable/efficient enough for that.
  • Physical remote control would be find. If anyone have a clue to make it work

In my dream list, I still have Lollipop in my mind.
Having a way to implement a CyanoGen distribution would be really nice too !

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