GlusterFS on 4 Banana Pi servers

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GlusterFS is a distributed file system that allows several servers to be used as a single network drive.  A Gluster volume is made up from 'bricks' of data stored on several different servers.  Bricks can be replicated on different servers for redundancy.  

I've built a Banana Pi cluster with stack of four hard SATA disks.

Each disk has 1TB capacity, with one GlusterFS brick on each disk.  Two of the bricks are redundant copies, so the available storage on the cluster is 2TB rather than 4.

On each server node, you need to install GlusterFS server:
  1. sudo apt-get install glusterfs-server
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On one of the nodes, use the gluster peer probe command to connect to the other peers:
  1. sudo gluster peer probe glus2
  2. sudo gluster peer probe glus3
  3. sudo gluster peer probe glus4
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The host names of nodes in the cluster are glus1, glus2, glus3 and glus4.  Create the volume:
  1. sudo gluster volume create vol0 replica 2 glus1:/srv/store/vol0 glus2:/srv/store/vol0 glus3:/srv/store/vol0 glus4:/srv/store/vol0
  2. Creation of volume vol0 has been successful. Please start the volume to access data.
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Start the volume:
  1. sudo gluster volume start vol0
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So far I've only accessed the volume from one client at a time.  I installed the GlusterFS client as follows:
  1. sudo apt-get install glusterfs-client
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And mount the volume:
  1. sudo mount -t glusterfs glus1:/vol0 /mnt
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You can read about it in detail here:  
Great job! Thx!

Hello, can You provide some information about performance?
Does GlusterFS syncronize data on initial step, or just starts?
It would be good to have screenshot from dstat 5 during performance tests on one of the nodes and master.

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