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Can the Banana PI run Raspverry Pi Images? as in, can I burn an image, say raspbmc and put in Banana, Will it boot and work?

We now has released an image based on Raspberry Pi for Banana Pi. So you can just modify a little of other Raspberry Pi image to make it work on Banana Pi.

I have downloaded and burnt the Raspberry_PI_for_banana image, and I can't see what needs to be done to get another image to work, this image provided is nothing like the normal raspberry pi image of raspbian..

also, i would like to understand, does the banana support the "hw accelerated" aspects of the raspberry pi images? as i believe they are based on different architecture...hence why there is a "working" android on here, but there isn't one on the Rpi?

I tested a few images raspberries ... openelec, xbmc, rasbian. Unfortunately, none of them successfully start  on  banana pi.
The image you are talking about is actually the image rasbian, modified so that it could be run on a banana: (

Just got my bananaPi in, but same here, the RPi image on the site only give a red led and no boot. 4GB Sd card. I'm actually looking for just a clean image like the the moebius release on RPi (http://moebiuslinux.sourceforge.net/) so I can linux around a bit...

So, I just bought a board that has no bootable distro available. Nice.

Lemaker will release the boot to all of you. They are working on the bug in boot. After that , you can burn the boot, and then burn the OS image. Please be patient..

Is it possible to compile a new kernel and put that on the image? I need it to support a USB Touchscreen driver.

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   how long will you release the boot ? I just want to burn the other image for test

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