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It seems the paranoid-schizophrenics who pretend to govern China have deemed a danger to the state or something.  This means I can't install anything from the default repositories in my Banana Pi.  Does anybody happen to know of some decent mirror sites I could use for this?
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Try this: ... 18688.html#msg18688


I found only one mirror for armhf.

  1. # See for how to upgrade to
  2. # newer versions of the distribution.

  3. deb trusty main restricted
  4. deb-src trusty main restricted

  5. ## Major bug fix updates produced after the final release of the
  6. ## distribution.
  7. deb trusty-updates main restricted
  8. deb-src trusty-updates main restricted

  9. ## Uncomment the following two lines to add software from the 'universe'
  10. ## repository.
  11. ## N.B. software from this repository is ENTIRELY UNSUPPORTED by the Ubuntu
  12. ## team. Also, please note that software in universe WILL NOT receive any
  13. ## review or updates from the Ubuntu security team.
  14. deb trusty universe multiverse
  15. deb-src trusty universe multiverse
  16. deb trusty-updates universe multiverse
  17. deb-src trusty-updates universe multiverse

  18. ## N.B. software from this repository may not have been tested as
  19. ## extensively as that contained in the main release, although it includes
  20. ## newer versions of some applications which may provide useful features.
  21. ## Also, please note that software in backports WILL NOT receive any review
  22. ## or updates from the Ubuntu security team.
  23. deb trusty-backports main restricted
  24. deb-src trusty-backports main restricted

  25. deb trusty-security main restricted
  26. deb-src trusty-security main restricted
  27. deb trusty-security universe
  28. deb-src trusty-security universe
  29. deb trusty-security multiverse
  30. deb-src trusty-security multiverse
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